Aisha/Nex Story: Progress

If you’re a regular reader, you already know I’m writing a three-part series about Aisha and Nex. The only canon Winx Club characters in it will be Aisha and Nex (obviously), Aisha’s parents, and possibly Anne. None of the others exist, ever existed, or will ever exist. (See more changes here.)

I’ve figured out what the main themes will be. Of course, I won’t tell you. ? If I write the story well, you’ll be able to recognize them. (Don’t worry. They won’t be heavy-handed.)

My current goal is to flesh out the first “book”. Last time, I said the “book” is called The River and the Sea, but the plot of the series has changed since then. I might keep that name, though.

By the way, I put “book” in quotation marks each time, but I am treating these stories like books. They’ll never be on a shelf somewhere, but I’m working as hard on them as I would if they were my own novels.

Final Thoughts

My sister asked me why I’m writing a story that draws on the couple’s life/death symbolism. I thought about that symbolism again recently — why Nex wears red; how Aisha and Nex are alike, yet have traits that balance each other; how even their color schemes complement each other.

And how the Winx fandom doesn’t give a d**n. They’re not impressed, they’re not intrigued. It’s all meaningless trivia to them.

They may never appreciate it, but I know other people will. I’ve talked to them. When I tell them about this couple, they’re amazed at what Rainbow came up with.

That’s why I know Aisha and Nex can captivate an audience by themselves. They just need a better story, one without the limitations and trappings of Winx Club. So I’m putting my all into writing one.

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November 17, 2019 7:10 am

Just make it a good story, that’s all I’m asking for. Don’t try to babysit the readers (like Rainbow has done with Winx season 8 and the show Mia and Me), but also don’t include unnecessary NSFW in your stories just to get your fix – like the Mlb, Pokemon and Mlp fans do in their “works”?.

I mean, you shouldn’t fill your pages with explicit content. A small innuendo here and there hinting at physical activity is okay (they are adults in a relationship, so I kind of expect them to be a bit active once in a while) but straight up X-rated stuff filling out three quarters of the story is not what I wanna read…after all, you’re not trying to cater to the perverted fanfiction/wattpad/ao3 audience. Besides, there is WAY MORE than the physical aspect in a relationship, something the vulgar-minded idiots from the fandoms I’ve mentioned above will never understand.

Like I have said, just make it a good story in which the characters feel alive. I’m sure you can do it.

Reply to  Tori
November 18, 2019 4:27 am

I know you’re not one of those people and I’ve no doubt that you’re going to write an amazing story.

Like said, sexual content is okay, as long as it doesn’t fill out half of your story. 🙂 Innuendo is indeed enough, you don’t need to go into details.

As you said, it should be about the love and not the lust (something the above mentioned fandoms will never understand, and that’s why they’ll fail).