Aisha/Nex Story: What Am I Keeping, Changing, and Cutting?

Just wanted to share some of my plans. Don’t worry. I won’t give everything away. ?

My story will combine a couple original ideas I came up with before Rainbow introduced Nex. Coincidentally, one of those ideas also focused on a pair of characters who represented life and death. They felt too generic, though, and I hated the names I gave them. Aisha and Nex are better all around.

As I said last time, the only other Winx Club characters in my story will be King Teredor, Queen Niobe, and possibly Anne. The others won’t exist. I have to erase the Winx universe because it’s what’s holding Aisha and Nex back. This story is just about them — no dead fiancés, love triangles, or spotlight-hogging fire fairies to get in the way.

Here are a few more specifics.

What I’m Keeping

1. Magic

No fairy forms or anything like that, but there will be magic. I might also include some fantasy races we’ve never seen (or seen little of) in Winx Club.

2. A modern fantasy

I still want Aisha and Nex to be modern characters instead of classic fantasy characters, so this world will have a modern feel. How much so? I haven’t decided yet.

3. The princess and the commoner

I still think Aisha ending up with a commoner fits her backstory better. She wanted to choose her own guy, so why would she give up her freedom and accept an arranged marriage? Also, if she was sick of her upper-class life, why would she trap herself in it forever by marrying a guy from the upper-class?

Aisha longed for something new and different. A commoner would help her gain a different perspective on life — and perhaps, herself. For those reasons, I will still be a commoner. It’ll also let him look at the world in a different way than her.

4. Aisha’s realm, Andros?

I like the name. I might keep it.

5. Aisha and Nex falling in love over time

It’d be boring (and silly) if they fell in love right away. Their relationship will blossom as they get to know each other. They’ll discover their similarities, learn to handle and appreciate their differences, and work together to figure out what’s happening in their world.

What I’m Changing

1. Countries instead of planets

The Sailor Moon logic in Winx Club — planets with one kingdom each (except Andros) — complicates everything. For example, how is Diaspro a princess from Eraklyon if she’s not related to Sky? (Or is she?) My story will take place on one planet.

2. Aisha’s not a fairy

Winx Club gave me my magical girl fairy fix, but I’d rather return to a traditional type of fairy in my story. Aisha will still have magic powers, though. I’ve already decided how. ?

3. Nex’s original weapon

The light escrima Nex wields in season eight are cool, but I miss the Halberd of the Wind. Rainbow could have done a lot more than just having him spin it all the time. Also, it fit his character better. The halberd is the cousin of the scythe, the weapon wielded by another fictional character associated with death. ? And a wind-based weapon works with Aisha and Nex’s yin-yang theme.

4. The old “art style”

Not that my story will have art (unless I find someone to turn it into a comic), but I imagine Aisha and Nex as they looked in Winx seasons 2-7. I like some things about the new art style, though, like Aisha’s hair and Nex’s less-intimidating face. Maybe a combination of the styles with the old style as the base would work.

What I’m Cutting

1. Specialists

What even is a Specialist? As far back as season one, they’ve never made sense. They’re non-magic beings, right? If non-magic beings can’t cross the barrier into Magix, why can the Specialists get through it? If only magic beings and kids can see Pixies, why can the Specialists see them?

Griffin refers to the Specialists as “wizards” in an episode of Winx season one, but “wizards” implies that they’re magic beings. But they’re not…right? It’s too confusing.

I don’t hate the Specialists, but it’s clear that Rainbow didn’t think through everything about them. So they won’t exist in my story. Nex will be a Paladin again or some other type of fighter.

2. The magic schools

The main Harry Potter series is over. We can end the “protagonist goes to a magic boarding school” fad now.

Other Notes

Two other main characters?

Though the focus will be on Aisha and Nex, they may have a couple friends in their party. My idea right now is they’ll be Nex’s best friend (male) and an acquaintance (female). I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Those are some of my thoughts for now. I’ll share more as I flesh out things out.

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