Winx Club: Guida al Mondo Magico: Nex

This is an English translation of Nex’s profile from the book Winx Club: Guida al Mondo Magico (Guide to the Magical World). Translated with DeepL Translator.

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Winx Guida al Mondo Magico - Nex's Profile

Nex (Paladin)

★ Personality

He’s sociable and self-confident.

★ Strengths and Abilities

He’s athletic and good in combat.

★ Flaw*

Sometimes, he thinks he’s the best at everything.

★ In a Relationship With**


* “Punto debole” literally means “weak spot” or “weakness”, which goes better with the word “strength(s)”. But I felt like “flaw” was a better translation.
** “Fare coppia con” means “to be a couple with” or “partner with”, but I felt like “in a relationship with” sounded more natural.