Winx Club: Guida al Mondo Magico: Aisha

This is an English translation of Aisha’s profile from the book Winx Club: Guida al Mondo Magico (Guide to the Magical World). Translated with DeepL Translator.

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Aisha (Fairy of Waves*)

★ Birthday

June 15.

★ Personality

She’s a fairy of action: she makes decisions and takes action quickly.

★ Strengths and Abilities

She’s brave and impulsive: she’s the first to dive into any challenge.

★ Flaw**

She can’t wait: sometimes, she doesn’t have much patience.

★ Planet of Origin


★ Favorite Colors

Turquoise and aqua-green.

★ Can’t Live Without

Playing outdoor sports.

Aisha’s magic power comes from fluids. This fairy can control water and a fluid called Morphix, which she uses to trap her enemies or protect herself and her fairy friends.

Born Champion

Aisha is the princess of Andros. Having grown up in a kingdom covered in water, she’s great at swimming, but she excels in all other sports as well. She has a particular passion for dance, both classical and modern.

I don’t like all this empty space, so here: have an Aisha Emojix.

* Aisha has always been called the Fairy of Fluids/Liquids (Fata di Fluidi/Liquidi) in Italy. But since the Nickelodeon dub, she’s been called the Fairy of Waves in the U.S.
** “Punto debole” literally means “weak spot” or “weakness”, which goes better with the word “strength(s)”. But I felt like “flaw” was a better translation.