Aisha/Nex Story: Who Am I Writing For?

“This story is about Winx Club characters, but this is not a Winx Club story.”

That (or something similar) will be the first line in my Author’s Notes.

I don’t know how many people read fanfiction based on series they haven’t watched, but that’s what I’m hoping for. Maybe some people read fanfiction just for the fun of it. They don’t care if they know the characters or not.

Those people are my secondary audience (after Aisha/Nex fans, of course).

As for Winx fans in general, I don’t expect many of them to read my story. They’ll click “back” or “X” as soon as they see that the story is about Aisha and Nex. And if that doesn’t turn them away, they won’t like it that it doesn’t take place in Winx universe.

It hurts, but that’s the reality. Writing an Aisha/Nex story for the Winx fandom is pointless because their hearts are closed to this couple forever. ? I hope some Winx fans will read my story, but as I’ve said before, my goal is to build a new audience for Aisha and Nex.

Finally, I’m also writing this story for myself. I never thought I’d feel so intrigued and inspired by a fictional couple. These two are million stories waiting to be told.

To everyone reading this post, I hope you’ll give my Aisha/Nex story a chance. Forget everything you’ve seen in Winx Club. This couple is more powerful, beautiful, and profound than anyone has realized.

Let me prove it to you. I’ll tell you an Aisha/Nex story that makes you smile, cry, laugh, think, and wonder.

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February 2, 2020 8:48 am

can’t wait to read chapter 1 oh btw the great couple of Aisha and Nex are front and centre of this month’s caption contest i hope you’ll participate