Aisha/Nex Kiss Fan Art Featured in Group Journal on DeviantArt

With permission from the artist, J-Witless, I uploaded my Winx season 8 Aisha/Nex fan art commission to my DeviantArt gallery. Then, of course, I submitted it to several groups. One of them was Accept All Art, a group that…accepts all art. It has more than 70,000 members.

The owner must have loved my commission because they featured it in their October Feature journal!

I know it’s because J-Witless is an incredible artist, not because the group owner likes Aisha and Nex. They might not even know this couple! Still, I’m happy to see such stunning Aisha/Nex art get positive attention. ❤️

When my financial situation gets better, I wanna commission J-Witless again.

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D. Ahsia
D. Ahsia
August 19, 2020 4:34 am

Please go to the page and B-Happy!!
It has been posted a hour ago and, as you know, it’s a popular gateway for winx fandom… so perhaps Nex’ll be accepted more in the fairy world future or it’s just some daydreaming again.

Ps: sory for my bad english, had been disconected from it for a while