Winx Season 8: 5 Aisha/Nex Ideas and Headcanons That Became Canon

I started this post about a year ago, but I didn’t finish it because I thought no one would believe me. All I can say is I’m telling the truth. As I watched Winx season eight, I felt like Rainbow read my mind. Some of what Aisha and Nex did and said confirmed a few of my headcanons and brought a few of my ideas to life.

They didn’t happen exactly the way I pictured them, but the key concepts were there.

1. Aisha gives a speech in front of the Andros royal court.

Something I wanna see in the future season(s) of Winx Club is the three princesses — Aisha, Bloom, and Stella — taking more responsibility within their kingdoms. (Hear that, Netflix? Aisha is a princess.) Giving a speech in front of her people was one of my steps for Aisha on her journey to becoming queen. But I saw the moment differently in my head:

  • She gave the speech at her princess ball, which her parents held against her wishes. Honestly, I like the event Rainbow chose — the anniversary of the founding of Andros — better than my idea. ?
  • I didn’t picture her standing behind a podium, but on a staircase or the dais in the Great Hall (not that floating stadium thing Rainbow introduced in season five).
  • All the guys were at the ball, not just Nex.
  • The Winx didn’t use Sirenix again because I thought that wasn’t possible, Rainbow. ?

There was one thing that happened both in my version and the cartoon. Aisha looked at Nex during (or before) the speech, and he gave her a thumbs-up to say, “You’ve got this!” So sweet! ?

2. Nex uses cutesy emoji in his texts.

The day before “Into the Depths of Andros” (Winx season 8, episode 8) premiered, I wondered if Nex would send Aisha Emojix to encourage her. I pictured one of him wearing a foam finger (just one) and another of him jumping up and down like a cheerleader — with pompoms ?. The official Emojix looked different — no pompoms, sadly — but the themes were the same.

Even before season eight, I thought it’d be funny if Nex used hearts and smilies in his texts to Aisha. You wouldn’t think he would — and that’s the point. He has a cutesy side only she knows about. I got that idea from what I talked about in the second half of the YouTube response series: he’s more sensitive than he lets on.

Well, all the Winx and Specialists (even Riven) used Emojix, so it wasn’t a big deal for Nex. It still tickled me, though.

3. Nex gets too excited sometimes when he cheers for Aisha.

I don’t know where this idea came from, but I pictured Nex going overboard with his supportiveness one day and annoying Aisha. I even had a specific scene in mind. They’re on Andros trying to escape from someone (pirates? ?‍♀️), but they can’t see through the thick fog hovering around them. Aisha tries to use her magic to part it. Nex cheers her on from behind, but she cuts him off and says, “Sweetie, I need to concentrate.” (I drew her completing the spell for Inktober in 2018.)

Well, in “Into the Depths of Andros”, she said something similar to him after his texts of support interrupted her speech practice:

Sorry, Nex, but I need to be alone and focus.

In the Italian version, she said almost the exact line:

Sorry, Nex, but I need to concentrate.


Anyway, I’m glad his eagerness to support her became canon. It’s a beautiful thing — even if he overdoes it sometimes. ?

4. Aisha and Nex love holding hands.

I pictured them doing this not just to show their love for each other, but also to show that their bond is unbreakable. It’s hard to tear two people apart when their hands are clasped together. Try it if you dare. ??‍?‍??

Maybe Aisha and Nex’s couple confirmation scene in “Legendary Duel” (Winx season 6, episode 24) put this idea in my head. I love how holding hands became their thing in Winx season eight. It may be a common form of affection, but you can tell it means a lot to them.

5. Aisha and Nex are the power couple of Winx Club.

I’ve always seen these two as a power couple. I even used the term on this blog before Winx season eight premiered. As I said in my post about their relationship development: “What else would you call two fearless warriors with impeccable teamwork and complementary skills, who are also dating?”

What I didn’t expect was for Aisha to flat out say it!

AISHA: So…power couple team up?
NEX: I thought you’d never ask!

So it’s canon now that Aisha and Nex see themselves as a power couple. I love it!

Did Rainbow plan this dynamic from the beginning? I think so. “Legendary Duel”, the comic “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test), and the storybook “La Leggenda di Eraklyon” (The Legend of Eraklyon) all take place during Winx season six and show how well the couple works together.

These are just coincidences, but I’m happy it seems like Rainbow and I are on the same wavelength about Aisha and Nex. Will any more of my ideas become canon in Winx season nine? Who knows!

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January 18, 2021 10:54 am

I had alot of Winx headcanons aswell i wrote about on my blog. And Rainbow made them canon. And i was like: Whoa, Rainbow reads my blog ? (just kidding ?).

Reply to  Tori
January 21, 2021 7:07 am

Rainbow knew your old blog? How did you found that out?

My Winx headcanons that came true:
– A space-themed Transformation. I made one in a veryyyy old fanfiction. Years ago. I even sort of predicted the name “Cosmix”.
– a evil queen as main villain for Winx. Which turned out to be Tinkerbell in World of Winx.
– Icy’s S8 secret would be about her backstory, her past and how she became a witch.
– Tinkerbell was going to be in love with Peter Pan. But he left her, that’s why she became evil.
– an old villain is going to return in S8. Which turned out to be Valtor.

Reply to  Tori
January 22, 2021 5:40 am

Mine space-themed Transformation was more of a survival form. The Winx’s Sirenix magic wasn’t strong enough in space. So they needed Universix (i know cheesy name ? Blame teenage me who couldn’t come up with a better name ?) for stronger magic in space. It was more of a universe transformation, rather than a star based transformation, which Cosmix became. I wished Cosmix was more like that. Mine had spells and attacks with planet names in it, and other space things. Rather Cosmix had more power-source based spells.

Power of Charmix
Power of Charmix
January 23, 2021 9:09 am

Unrelated to this post, but: time for another edition of Charmix Complains About Fate: The Winx Saga.

I don’t have Netflix, but YouTuber PeterSaidWhat posted a video of himself reacting to and reviewing the first episode. Most of what he covered was already addressed in those earlier sample pages from Amazon, but a few additions:
– Bloom literally calls Vanessa a “basic b****” in the first episode. Thanks I hate it
– Riven is just a drug junkie now. Because why not.
– Believe it or not, Sky is actually slightly better in this series, because when he flirts with Bloom in the first episode, he and Stella are broken up. However Stella is still trying to get him back, and the two actually sleep together at the end of the episode, so…
– Terra is basically just Flora but with a dash of more confidence. Which makes it even more ridiculous that they changed her name and cast a white actress to play her.
– Musa is now a “mind fairy” instead of a music fairy. She can constantly sense people’s emotions, and wears headphones to block them out. In this version her standoffishness is a coping mechanism to get people to leave her alone so she won’t have to hear their emotions. Cool concept, but NOT MUSA.
– Bloom jokes that she would be a Slytherin, so I guess we’re also “””borrowing””” from Harry Potter now, since Harry was put into Gryffindor but had Slytherin characteristics.
– Beatrix kind of existed in the background and was Generically Evil, and at one point she got high with Riven and almost kissed him. Also, Musa and Riven haven’t interacted yet, so I’m sure the fandom will be up in arms about that.
– Dane, the new specialist, has a crush on Riven. I mean, I’m down for LGBT representation in Winx, but this just seems random.
– Also, at one point they show Riven’s Instagram account (bc yes, social media is here now), and his username is ‘crymeariven8’. I can’t with this, someone save me
– All of the places that were planets in the show are now countries in the Otherworld. Solaria and Eraklyon are the only ones that have been mentioned so far.

In summation: no.

Power of Charmix
Power of Charmix
Reply to  Tori
January 23, 2021 9:45 am

To be completely honest, some of these concepts (like Musa’s powers) are actually cool. The special effects aren’t bad, and the actors are fine. It’s just the script that’s the issue. And not just because it’s changed from the source material – the plot is just generic and full of every YA trope you can think of. The character interactions and dialogue aren’t *awful* – they’re just being used for a story that does them no service. It’s just a really average show, and if it weren’t a Winx adaptation, I doubt anyone would have paid any attention to it.

Reply to  Tori
January 28, 2021 6:37 am

I am not sure she will stay death, though. They said Fate will have revive death characters. But not all fans might know this, so the fact that the fandom’s first response is “I don’t believe she’s death” takes me right back to Nabu.

Reply to  Tori
January 28, 2021 4:25 am

I was responding to your comment about Stella being alot meaner in this version if Winx. My comment about Stella getting a redemption arc is reffering to your comment.

By the way, someone dies at the end of the Season finale (i am not going to spoil it, in case anyone didn’t watch it). And the fandom’s already saying things like “She’s not death” and “I don’t believe she’s death”.

Typical ?

Reply to  Tori
January 26, 2021 1:09 pm

Where in my comment was i ever mentioning the second Season of Fate?
I was talking about this Season (the first Season that is out now).
This Season has a redemption arc for Stella.
As for the second Season we still know nothing about the plot and what will happen.
But it’s confirmed to get a second Season.

Reply to  Tori
January 26, 2021 3:06 am

But i heard she’s getting a redemption arc or something.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
January 25, 2021 9:53 pm

Apparently there’s the funniest thing about it….every fan’s still in agreement about Stella wanting to find the nearest waste management department to deposit her thoughts about the fashion in Fate…and then have a few words with what’s left of wardrobe provided they had their SPF: Stella! on hand. That’s becoming a meme. Alternatively we can sum it up in this phrase. It’s a Star Struck Stella’s Scheme and Flora and Tecna were smart enough to avoid it…for now. Apparently Bloom got roped into it because she’s Stella’s best friend….and Aisha and Musa got dragged along for the ride by executive demand otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

As for the rest? Too violent, not interested.

Reply to  Tori
January 25, 2021 1:39 pm

Yeah. Some fan just spoiled the huge important
Season finale cliffhanger for me in the comments a Fate episode clip ?
Thanks for nothing i guess? ?

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
January 24, 2021 10:59 am

Maybe because it was on youtube? I mean, my experience is that I saw MAAANY (literally) of these on YouTube (even on Friday! It was on my reccomended BEFORE I could watch full episodes) and some of reviews on some sites. Heck, A HOUR AFTER Fate premiered (at least according to my timezone, but whatever), some channel was quick to just re-upload licensed songs with bland Fate logo with “FATE SAGA OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK!!” slapped on a title. Same with the certain “final episode” scene.

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
January 23, 2021 2:58 pm

Really? Today there was A LOT of this and there are even fragments on YT. And some (SOME) reviews are here but even despite it would be nice to show some as a addition proof I don’t feel like spamming lots of things I saw, especially HERE where we’re about the REAL ORIGINAL UNIVERSE.

You don’t want having to do anything with Fate? I agree with that as heck. Despite it wasn’t something I was afraid of, I don’t even feel like re-watching it once or even caring if it gets Season 2 or not, sorry not sorry.

Reply to  Tori
January 27, 2021 7:20 am

yeah the writers of Winx would never dare explore the implications of torture and attempted genocide

I’ve always presumed destroy in kids shows is the child-friendly word for kill

Reply to  Tori
January 26, 2021 12:44 pm

yeah that is true they had been tone down for a kids show but i’d say season 4 was where Winx at times wasn’t a kids show with some very distrubing implications woven into dialogue

Reply to  Tori
January 26, 2021 8:48 am

remember Nick’s input likely had some effect on those horror creatures we got in S6

Reply to  Tori
January 26, 2021 5:37 am

sorry gonna blow a hole in that as while Winx Club isn’t a horror fantasy it has used horror elements back in seasons albeit not as they would be in horror movies

as remember Darkar as he is litterally the show’s equalivant of the devil and Valtor and Tritannus did to people by turning them into monsters, oh i can’t forget some of the monsters from the legendarium which were vampires, werewolves, frankstein, zombies

Reply to  Tori
January 25, 2021 12:12 pm

frankly the burning ones idea i find more interesting as they couldn’t been early season 1, 2, 3 or 4 monsters that the winx have to face and it seems the more they kill the bigger their numbers if that’s right

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
January 23, 2021 11:22 am

Sorry if I interrupt but I can’t help myself to not add something:

I was NEVER a fan of an idea of Winx liveaction. I saw Fate ALONG with people’s reactions, and from what I see, people who loved it (NO I’M NOT KIDDING, they claimed they loved it) praise it ALOT despite its serious flaws, and some of them ALREADY want Season 2. I don’t know about you but I kinda don’t care if Season 2 will be made. I mean, it was not terrible as I was afraid of, but I am not invested it Fate and its “future” at ALL. Heck, I didn’t even rewatched Fate ONCE after I finished the series because it doesn’t interest me. Sorry if it’s out of place but I needed to say this.

Also sorry for mentioning the negativity HERE, but some people despite being Winx fans bring down Winx and call it “20 year olds just transforming” JUST because “fate is great” and treating it like Winx could never exist without Fate WHICH IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! Don’t get me wrong, I know that Winx is not for everyone and that Western people do not know MahouShoujo tropes, but there IS a reason why Winx has transformations: being inspired by Japanese and the magic theme.

By the way, I wonder if those produces WILL “have better effects for Fate after people will support them”? I mean, people on YT are so convinced of that but it’s up to these producers what they will spend that support on and Fate premiered JUST YESTERDAY!

Once again, I don’t care if Fate gets Season 2 or gets cancelled.