Winx Season 7, Episode 16: Side By Side

I love this screenshot for a few reasons. One, I think it shows that Aisha treats Nex as much like her friend as her boyfriend. Not all the couples have that dynamic.

Two, they look like a husband and wife to me. I don’t know why. The poses? Their faces? Something about this is saying “married couple,” even though they’re not married…yet. ?

Finally, I love how they’re in nearly-identical poses. In the show, Aisha has her hands on her hips first, then Nex copies her after she puts her arm around him. Along with the “power couple” vibe, it also might hint at their Yin-Yang theme. Yin and Yang are the same shape reversed and inverted. Having Aisha and Nex mirror each other (which they do a lot) imitates that effect.

Details like this that makes me love this couple even more! ?

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