Winx Season 1: A Yin-Yang in the Series Premiere?

When I rewatched part of “An Unexpected Event”, the very first episode of Winx Club, as research for my rewrite, I spotted this in Bloom’s room:

Click here to see the unedited screenshot.

A yin-yang? (It’s actually called the Taijitu.) That’s unexpected, too! Have you ever noticed it until now? I sure didn’t!

This made me wonder if Rainbow kept it in the Nick TV special “The Fate of Bloom”. (It’s weird now seeing anything Winx-related with the word “fate” in the title.) Why wouldn’t they? They probably reused the backgrounds, after all.

Sure enough, here it is. I didn’t use the PointOut app this time because you can see it clearly next to Stella.

What is it on? I thought it was a CD tower — people still used those in 2004 — but Bloom’s jacket is hanging on it. Is it a coat rack? Where are the hooks? ?

Oh, well.

Anyway, what does this tell us? Probably nothing story-wise. It might just be decor.

Yet Winx season two’s theme was yin and yang, describing the dynamic between the Great Dragon and the Shadow Phoenix. Then four seasons later, Rainbow used the theme for the couple this blog is all about: Aisha and Nex. So even if this piece of furniture isn’t plot-relevant, we know the concept and symbol of yin and yang have been on the creators’ minds from the beginning.

Plus, it changes that scene in “Up to Their Old Trix” (Winx season 2, episode 2), where Wizgiz explained yin and yang. If Bloom has this symbol in her room, why didn’t she recognize it? I know she didn’t sleep well the night before, but really? ?

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Will N
Will N
July 17, 2021 9:15 am

I never noticed that…and usually i find things no one else does in my fandoms. We also see that Opposites attract or sometimes crash and burn is a subtle recurring theme within the Winx themselves.

Bloom and Aisha (the upside and downsides of life moreso than the fire/water thing since they’re not necessarily limited to just plain old fire and water but rather Friendship Flame ex Machina and All Liquids)
Crash and Burn
Stella and Musa…apparently light and sound arguments are way too common…blindsided before listening to the silence.
Neutral Zone
Flora and Tecna….showing the balance between nature and technology and how each can benefit the other.

D Ahsia
D Ahsia
July 18, 2021 6:56 am

So.. the meaning behind this is clear, 2004 tech was great, now I’ll get another head canon that Bloom’s parents have a thing on getting the newest tech, maybe in some years apart from a stereo, a vhs and the dvd they will add a blue ray and a new tv, the a printer and a fax.

Ok, on the cd part, I still use a cd rack furniture for cd storague and they can function as a table on the top and it can hold jackets if placed on the edge, also an extraspot can hold the cellphones and some notebooks, fact is Bloom’s earth room is better equiped than the Alfea one, she even got a drawing table for herself! makes me winder if she would be an architect if Stella didn’t showed up

Will N
Will N
Reply to  D Ahsia
July 19, 2021 7:20 am

Architect possibly, but it’s more likely she would be down at the local elementary school and community centers as an art teacher. She doesn’t seem like the person who would go into buisness as a contractor.