Reality Check

Winx Club will end one day.

After that, the fandom will disperse, and we’ll slowly forget this show ever existed. We’ll be too busy with real lives to think about it anymore. The blogs and forums we’ve created, the comments we’ve made, the opinions we stood so firmly behind — they’ll all become part of the Internet’s junkyard of old news and wasted time.

If we ever decide to sift through it again, we’ll look back at our teenage or twenty-something-year-old selves and wonder, “What was wrong with us? Why did this matter so much?” Maybe we’ll have moved on to meaningful careers. Or maybe we’ll have new shows and stories we’re obsessed with. But regardless, all of this will seem insignificant.

Right now while we’re in the thick of it, it means everything. But in the future, we’ll wake up and realize it meant nothing.

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September 25, 2018 10:55 am

We must NOT let that happen!

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 12:16 pm

I have invested way too many thoughts (and way too much time and money as well) to let Winx die in 10 years from now on. Donna is right, we HAVE TO fight if Winx means something to us. We can’t accomplish anything when we’re alone in our rooms, brooding in front of our TV or computers.

TOGETHER we can turn Winx into the most popular show on this planet. It’s big in Italy but that’s not enough. It needs to be big in the US as well. It needs to happen NOW. Star Trek would have died long before DS9 came to be had the fans given up. But they didn’t. They fought for the its survival, and thus the first Trek motion picture came to be in ’79 (and LOTS of other movies and shows to follow). Winx isn’t that much of a different case. But we need to do something.

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 11:44 am

You don’t decide the Winx Club’s future! And I can assure you, Winx WILL go on and if I make it past 80, it will have been around for 50 years, for I intent to buy the rights from Rainbow once they give up on it and continue the franchise! If you don’t help securing the future of this franchise, you don’t deserve to call yourself a “Winxer” (that goes for everyone that’s going to sit on their ass, instead of fighting for its future)!