No one sees what I see in Aisha and Nex. Everyone thinks I’m “seeing things that aren’t there,” or they just don’t even care what I have to say. I try to come up with better ways to say it, but no matter what it’s pointless.

I feel like I’m suffocating. Why do I feel like that? It’s so stupid, and yet it matters so much to me. This couple matters to me. I love a great story, and that’s what I see in them.

But I’m the only one who does. Everyone else sees a stupid idea. A “horrible concoction.” Aisha and her worst match.

But I believe in this concept. I believe this couple and everything Rainbow put into them. Aisha and Nex are a great couple. They may not make sense to this fandom yet, but I believe Rainbow will prove that these two belong together. The best parts of their love story are soon to come.

But right now, I look like an idiot for having so much confidence in them. I defend them, while everyone else bashes them. I write fanfics about their love growing deeper, while everyone else writes about them breaking up (or never falling in love to begin with). I’m the only one who draws or commissions fan art of them.

I hate this. I hate being seen as a nuisance. I hate having almost no one to enjoy this couple with. I hate having to wade through hundreds of negative comments and posts about them to find one or two positive ones.

I hope Rainbow doesn’t let me down.

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