Winx Magazine #198: A Birthday Party For Aisha?

In the September 2020 issue of Winx Magazine, Rainbow devoted an activity page to the first Sirenix arc. But there was a twist. They reimagined “Into the Depths of Andros” (Winx season 8, episode 8) as a birthday party for Aisha.

Um…okay. Sure. Nothing in the magazines is canon, anyway. But why now? Her birthday was in June! ?

Anyway, you’re supposed to put the screenshots in order, not by what happened in the episode, but based on the captions in the yellow boxes. Here’s what they say from top left to bottom right:

  • “Stella creates a unique dress for her fairy friend.”
  • “At the end of the party, she receives a surprise from Nex!”
  • “Aisha is happy and thanks everyone from the podium.”
  • “On Andros, there will be a party in honor of Aisha.”

These games are simple, so I’m sure you’ve figured out the right order already. Here are two of those screenshots by themselves:

I love the “surprise from Nex” scene. Thank you, Rainbow, for showing the fandom he’s a loving boyfriend who treats Aisha right. ❤️

Count the Cupcakes

There’s another box at the bottom of the page. It says:

It’s Aisha’s birthday: how many cupcakes are on the page?

I know cupcakes are a birthday staple — I had some for my birthday last month — but they’re also a special part of her and Nex’s love story. Rainbow probably wasn’t referencing that, but the dual significance makes me happy, anyway. ?

That’s it for this month’s magazine, as far as Aisha/Nex stuff goes. Who knows what we’ll get next month!


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Solar Crown
Solar Crown
September 10, 2020 3:19 pm

Kinda bad that Italian magazines don’t air on other countries the same time as Italy, I would like to see the fandom’s faces after seeing THIS 😀
The way how magazines portray Nex and AishaXNex… WHY THIS ISN’T IN SEASONS 6-8?!
I wish there was a comic story about Nex himself, and more moments like in Sirenix arc.
Nex’s Test is one of the reasons why I prefer comic versions than the cartoon versions (EVEN despite the fact that some comic stories are too serious/edgy. E.g, the comic about the crisis of Brandon and Stella, in this comic Stella was attacked by thugs UNTIL transformed into Believix fairy. Ouch. Don’t get me wrong, I like serious stories but things like the Darko-Bloom incident were kinda horrifying to put it into Winx… but the fandom would LOVE that hence for some reason they label old Winx as “mature” despite the series was ALWAYS for children. Also, the comics had the disgusting guy Silvian, I’M GLAD Rainbow didn’t put him into the series, for me he’s just more trashy and more sinister version of already awful Riven)

(Sorry for sounding like anti-Winx parents while mentioning the seriousness of comics, they were kinda “ouch” and too serious for Winx, at least to me)