Winx Season 8: Nex The New Guy

Apparently in Winx season eight, the Winx are gonna get Enchantix again. I don’t know how or why, but they probably won’t have it for more than a couple episodes.

Nex has never seen Aisha in her Enchantix form before. How will he react? How will she react when she realizes it? This could be an interesting scene for them — if Rainbow does it justice.

Come to think of it, Rainbow could use Nex as an audience avatar this season. Aisha and the other characters could tell him about their adventures in seasons 1-5. That would help drum up nostalgia for old fans and catch new fans up on the story.

It could also help endear Nex to the fandom, especially if Rainbow portrays him as the new guy who hears all these amazing stories and starts to feel out of place. He’s social and outgoing, so he would hate feeling like an outsider. Would Aisha, the Winx, and the Specialists try to make him feel welcome?

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November 1, 2018 1:08 pm

well doing that does present a risk
if those villains ever returned and let’s hop..oh wait they are well Nex is in for a crash course