Inktober Starts Tomorrow

I’ve decided to try Inktober again. Same theme as last year: Aisha and Nex. Why else would I be talking about it on this blog? ?

I don’t like the official prompts, so I looked for other lists on DeviantArt. I like this one by Eloenne:

Lots of fantasy elements here. Perfect for a Winx Club couple. I may have one or the other alone for some prompts, but I’ll try to draw them together as much as possible.

Here are my three favorite drawings from last Inktober:

I definitely improved as the month went on. A couple things I’ll do differently this year:

  • No coloring anything in with markers; I’ll use simple shading instead.
  • No Sharpie!

Hopefully by the end of October, I’ll have brought 31 new Aisha X Nex artworks in the world! ?

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October 2, 2018 6:14 pm

Cool! I like your drawings, especially the ones from above and the ones with the tent and the couch. ?