Winx Fan Art: Aisha and Nex as Bloom and Valtor

Sorry I’m just now posting this, Koohihime!

Yep, it’s Aisha and Nex cosplaying Bloom and Valtor. Why? Well, as Koohihime put it on Instagram:

I thought for Halloween that it would be hilarious if Aisha and Nex dressed up as a couple that somehow has more support in this fandom… But seriously, what is up with that??


Winx fan art. Aisha and Nex dressed as Bloom and Valtor for Halloween. By Koohihime.

What is up with that? Bloom and Valtor aren’t even a canon couple. Plus, he destroyed her realm; lied about trapping her parents inside his own body to trick her into sparing him; tried to kill her, her family, her boyfriend, and her best friends many times; and tried to conquer the entire Magic Dimension — twice — threatening billions of people’s lives.

Not to mention, he was 17 years older than her. At least.

Yet the Winx fandom supports Bloom and Valtor more than Aisha and Nex. Because Nex is “too arrogant”. ?

Sigh. Anyway, great job, Koohihime! I’ve added this drawing to the Art By Winx Fans page. Check out more Aisha/Nex fan art there, as well as the Commissioned Artwork page.

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November 23, 2021 2:01 am

I will mark this within my favorites!! Couldn’t express it better even if I tried [and in that context they will defenitly make Bloom yikes at the party ]