Aisha/Nex Instagram Edits #5

More Instagram edits! Today’s theme is…Aisha! These edits are all about her.

A Wild Heart and a Flowing Dress

Don’t you think a girl can have both a wild heart and a flowing dress?

This quote came from a moodboard on Aisha’s profile. (It’s not there anymore.) It fits her perfectly. She’s the princess of Andros, so when she was little, she had to suppress her wild side to please her strict parents.

Now she’s finally free to let loose and be who she’s always wanted to be. But that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten how to act like a princess. Her royal side and her wild side both make up who she is.

I’m proud of this edit. It’s one of my favorites. To this day, I don’t know how I made her eyes two different colors, but it works. Happy accidents. ?

Stronger Than You Were Yesterday

Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday.
— Drake

Aisha has been through a lot. She grew up lonely and restricted, her only friend moved away, she watched her fiancé die right in front of her, and she’s had to save her realm from destruction repeatedly. Some fans think it’s unfair that Rainbow has put her through so much hardship. But I think it’s made her one of the best characters in Winx Club.

When I like a character, I don’t them to have a simple life. I want them to suffer…because I wanna see them overcome obstacles and grow stronger. To me, nothing’s better than watching my favorite characters go through Hell and come back fireproof. (Pardon my French.)

Aisha is the only Winx who’s done that, and I appreciate her for it. She’s earned that smile.

The Song of Life

Dance is the song of life.

Aisha loves to dance. Enough said. Weirdly enough, I can’t find this quote online anymore. I know I didn’t make it up. ?

A Girl Loves My Island, The Girl Who Loves The Sea

I am a girl who loves her island
I’m the girl who loves the sea

I couldn’t help myself. It fits Aisha, too, doesn’t it? She lives on an island, but she loves the ocean. In fact, it’s the source of her magic! Beat that, Moana!

I worked hard on this edit. It’s made of about five different screenshots! So…much…masking! ? But it was worth it in the end. ?


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