My Hopes For Aisha and Nex in Winx Season 8, Part II

Right now, the Winx fandom still hates Aisha/Nex and insists that Roy was the better guy for her. I hope that in season eight, something (or lots of things) will happen that will change the fandom’s hearts and minds. They’ll realize Nex is the right guy for her, and they won’t even care about Roy anymore.

I also hope Rainbow will finally bring closure to the Nabu love story. Maybe Aisha can mention him one last time so the fandom knows she hasn’t forgotten him. But she can also make it clear that she’s healed, she’s moved on, and she loves Nex and is committed to this new relationship.

It’s clear that until these things happen, the fandom isn’t gonna accept Aisha/Nex. ? I can’t wait for this year to end and for Winx Club season eight to air. Unless Rainbow is gonna mess everything up…

Please don’t, Rainbow. Aisha and Nex’s relationship is full of story potential. Don’t throw it away. Support it and use it to the fullest.

The hate for them is just a minor setback. You can use it to your advantage and weave a story that turns the haters into fans. Heck, even I hated Nex at first. People can change their minds.

Rainbow, please believe in this couple you put together and work your magic in their love story. ❤️

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