Winx Magazine Comic #131: “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test) — Translation of Pgs. 5 & 6

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  • Pgs. 1 & 2: Aisha’s father, King Teredor, presents her with a cake to celebrate meeting Nex, her new boyfriend. Nex tries to impress him and her mother, Queen Niobe, with a fancy cake cutting trick, but it goes embarrassingly wrong.
  • Pgs. 3 & 4: Aisha assures Nex that her father doesn’t hate him and will love him once he gets to know him better. But Teredor says Nex isn’t right for her. Bloom, Stella, and Niobe defend the couple, but the king isn’t confident that Nex can protect Aisha. Nex thinks the king is right to worry and wants to prove himself to him.

“La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test) Translation — pgs. 5 & 6


Teredor: Before the tides turned Andros into a water realm, the land was inhabited by the Melusines, beings who were half woman, half serpent!
Teredor: They were wicked creatures, always at war with the mermaids of the oceans!
Aisha: I know the story of the Melusines… but they should be extinct by now!
Teredor: All but one, according to legend! The last Melusina lives in the ruins of an ancient city, on a remote island.
Teredor: If you manage to find her and defeat her, you will prove yourself to be a warrior worthy of Aisha!
Nex: Consider it already done, Your Majesty!
Aisha: Wait, Nex! Don’t go, it’s too dangerous!


Aisha: We love each other! And that’s the only thing that matters!
Nex: I know… but I want to show King Teredor I’m ready to do anything for you!
Nex: It’s the only way I can earn his trust!
Aisha: We have to follow him! He’s gonna put himself in danger!
Bloom: Let him go, Aisha!
Bloom: Knowing Nex… he’ll calm down soon!
Flora: It won’t be long before he comes back to you, you’ll see!
Aisha: I hope so, girls…

To be continued…

(Translated by me)

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