Follow-Up: 2 More Times Aisha and Nex’s Love Got Watered Down in “La Prova di Nex” Translation

Yes, I’m critiquing Winx Club Comics’ English translation of “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test) again. Like I said last time, English-speaking Winx fans trust their scanlations as if they’re official, so readers probably won’t look for the original version and compare. That means the translations should be as accurate as possible. At least, that’s what I think.

I don’t wanna believe Winx Club Comics intentionally watered down Aisha and Nex’s romance in this comic, but I found another word choice and another omission that did just that. This time, the changes are on the same page.

Asking For a Little Respect?

After Aisha pleads with Nex not to accept her father’s test — Winx Club Comics weakened that line, too — Nex says he wants to prove he’s ready to do anything for her. Here’s how his next line was translated:

Winx Club Comics‘ translation

Only then will I gain his respect!

King Teredor’s respect? Is that really what Nex wants? Not exactly.

The problem with this translation is that once again, it seems like Nex takes the test to make himself look good. That’s true, but it’s not for his own glory. He just wants Aisha’s father to like him! Makes sense, doesn’t it? No one wants their in-laws to hate them! ?

Here’s the original Italian page, taken from the same source WinxClubComics used:

Original Italian page

Nex says:

Solo così mi guadagnerò la sua fiducia!

If we run this through DeepL Translator, we get:

That’s the only way I’ll earn his trust!

“Fiducia” means “trust”, not “respect”. We have an English word, “fiduciary”, that comes from the same Latin root. This word shows up most often when it comes to finances. For example, we have fiduciary relationships with our banks; we trust them to protect our money. (Maybe we shouldn’t.) But “fiduciary” can apply to any situation where you put your faith in someone.

At the beginning of the comic, King Teredor doesn’t think Nex is strong enough to “protect [Aisha] when necessary”. That’s not a lack of respect for Nex; it’s a lack of confidence in him. So Nex accepts the test because he wants the king to entrust Aisha to him.

Does Teredor gain respect for him in the end? Yes, but only because he knows Nex loves Aisha and trusts that he’ll keep her safe.

Someone to Return To

Winx Club Comics‘s translation

After Nex leaves, Bloom and Flora try to convince Aisha he’ll probably give up before he gets into danger. (They’re wrong, of course.) Here’s how Winx Club Comics translated Flora’s line:

It won’t be long before he’ll come back, you’ll see!

Like the scene with Aisha and her father that I mentioned in the last post, this is a case where the translation isn’t wrong. It’s just incomplete. Winx Club Comics left out two words. That’s not much, but they make the line more beautiful.

Here’s the Italian page:

Original Italian page

Flora’s line is:

Tra non molto tornerà da te, vedrai!

With the help of DeepL Translator, we get:

He’ll come back to you soon enough, you’ll see!

Did you catch that? “He’ll come back to you.” To Aisha.

I think this is self-explanatory.

Final Thoughts

“La Prova di Nex” is about Nex proving his love for Aisha to her parents. In fact, the German name of this comic is called “Der Liebesbeweis”, which literally means “The Proof of Love”! In Italy, Rainbow released it in February. And finally, this is Aisha and Nex’s only couple comic, so it’s the confirmation of their love in the comic canon.

Too bad English-speaking Winx fans had to read this less-romantic version instead of the real thing.

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January 2, 2021 10:47 pm

Here’s a fun idea, how about instead of criticising a fan-translation, something the translator does for free, in their own spare time, and with very little appreciation from the fandom, you just keep your opinions to yourself next time? If you’re so worried about fan-translators “intentionally” watering down Aisha and Nex’s “relationship”, how about you translate them yourself instead of attacking other people who are just trying to contribute something positive to the fandom? Because what you’re doing in this article? There isn’t anything positive about that.

January 2, 2021 11:35 pm

Leave them alone and work on your own translations. No likes people who just point out problems without solutions.