Winx Season 7, Episode 4: Canon Couples

Aisha and Nex with the other canon Winx couples (as of season seven): Tecna and Timmy, Flora and Helia, Stella and Brandon, and Bloom and Sky. ❤️

Winx season 7, episode 4: Canon couples (Tecna/Timmy, Flora/Helia, Stella/Brandon, Bloom/Sky, Aisha/Nex)

Notice how each of the guys holds his girlfriend. Timmy, Helia, and Sky is holding Tecna, Flora, and Bloom’s elbows, which looks weird to me. Brandon is holding Stella around the waist with his other hand on his hip. That looks so casual, but they are a pretty easy-going couple and they’ve been together for a while.

But Nex looks like he’s trying to dance with Aisha! They look sweet, though. I hope we see more moments like this. ?

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