Winx Club Next Generation: Renata, Aisha and Nex’s Daughter

Commissioned fan art by Zliva

Yep, I’ve made up a daughter for Aisha and Nex. They’re the first Winx couple who’s inspired me to create a next-generation fairy. Here are some quick facts about her:

  • She is the Fairy of Rain.
  • Her birthday is July 29.
  • Her fairy sign is Mermaid.
  • She is feisty, adventurous, and a bit of a drama queen sometimes — but she’s also warm-hearted and loves to have fun.

But there’s more. Here are eight longer facts about her. ?

1. Her name is based on her parents’ names.

“Aisha” means “life” or “alive”, and “nex” means “death,” so it seemed right to complete the cycle. “Renata” means “reborn”. So together they’re “Life, Death, and Rebirth”.

The name also works because Renata is the physical combination of Aisha and Nex, just as rebirth is a combination of life and death.

2. Aisha and Nex didn’t have her right after they married.

As an adventure-loving couple, Aisha and Nex didn’t wanna settle down and have kids right away. They traveled around the Magic Dimension and checked off a bucket list of crazy experiences — until Aisha’s parents were ready to give up the throne. Like the other royal couples, they needed an heir, though they wanted a child anyway.

3. Her hairstyle is meaningful.

Since Renata is the Fairy of Rain, I imagined her afro-style hairdo as a rain cloud, and her earrings are rain drops coming off of it. ?

4. She doesn’t wanna be the Fairy of Rain.

Renata always looked up to her mother and dreamed of being an ocean fairy like her. Unfortunately, a fairy can’t choose her powers. (Or can she?)

She hates being the Fairy of Rain. Rain is gloomy and boring. It chases people indoors and makes them feel tired and miserable. It’s not like her at all!

Her story is about learning to love her powers, understand how they reflect who she is, discover how she can use them to be the best fairy (and future queen) she can be.

Commissioned Renata fan art painted by Caentris (www.
Commissioned Renata fan art painted by Caentris ( This is an older version of Renata’s design.

5. She can control all forms of condensation and precipitation.

Renata is more than a rain fairy. In her Charmix/Magic Winx form, she can also create mist and dew, and as her power progresses, she’ll be able to control heavy rain, fog, sleet, hail, frozen rain, clouds, and some other surprises, too.

I tried to be as creative as possible so she wouldn’t just be makin’ it rain — literally — all the time. Her Harmonix, Dreamix, and Onyrix spells have been especially fun to come up with. (I feel like those fairy forms had the best spells.)

6. She loves to dance like Aisha does.

Aisha and Nex gave her the freedom to venture outside the palace from time to time, and she met a group of villagers who love to dance, too. Together, they formed a troupe called The Many Faces, named after the masks they wear in their performances. The audience thinks the masks are just for flair, but they’re really to hide their identities so no one knows the princess is one of their members.

7. She has a secret dream job.

If Renata weren’t the princess of Andros, she’d love to be a performer. She loved watching the traveling performers who entertained her family when she was little, and she’s happiest when she‘s on stage dancing.

8. She’s more girly than Aisha.

Renata, Aisha and Nex’s daughter. Drawn by Sochi-Suzuki. Newest design.

Renata loves getting dolled up for royal balls. It’s been an interesting challenge for Aisha, but it helped her see parts of her childhood in a different way. Renata is also not as athletic as her parents, but she does like to swim and play volleyball. But she’s not so dainty that she won’t get her hands dirty if she needs to. She’s still got Aisha and Nex’s go-getter spirit of adventure.

That’s it! I love my little rain fairy, and I might write some fanfiction about her. ? Maybe I’ll bring the other Winx next-generation characters I’ve made up into it. (They’re not all fairies.)

CORRECTION: “All forms of condescension?” Wow, Renata’s super rude, isn’t she? ? No, of course not. I can’t believe I took me so long to catch that typo. ?

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April 12, 2021 3:30 pm

Hi I was wondering if my friend could use this design for their winx game it’s an amazing design and it is beautiful. Also I was wondering if we could change some things about renata like her name and and her powers but that’s it. I’d like to change her name to Ashreyna which means assertive, strong, hopeful, rewardful, easy going, youthful, pleasant, and kind, also she’s gonna be the fairy of oceanic waves. Ill post the game as well