New Fanfic: “Ripples” (Tentative Title)

I’m gonna start a new Aisha X Nex fanfic. I’ll finish my current fanfic, “The Storm,” later. Right now, I wanna expand on this new idea.

Until now, Aisha’s love interests haven’t fit her story. They’ve either been traditional (a wealthy guy chosen by her mom) or safe (a member of the royal court). If Aisha wanted to choose her own guy, why would she accept an arranged marriage? If she wanted to escape her social bubble, why would she date a guy from her social bubble?

Nex is the only love interest who continues her “rebel princess” story started in season two. She brought home a wild commoner from another realm. Now, she’ll learn that her choices affect not just her, but her kingdom, too.

I hope I can show that in this new fanfic. It’ll be a challenge, but I think it’s worth taking on. I’m considering writing this for NaNiWriMo, which I’ve never participated in. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

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