Watch Winx Club Season 8 With English Subs *UPDATE*

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MagiyaWinx on VK is uploading the English dub of Winx Club season eight now. Watch the episodes here:

You can also watch the Sirenix arc (episodes 8 and 9) here on the blog:

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A Winx fan on VK has subbed the first 13 episodes of Winx Club season eight in English. Here’s the link to the full playlist:

Aisha and Nex holding hands in "The Light of Gorgol" (Winx Club season 8, episode 9)

And since this is an Aisha/Nex blog, here are the links to the Sirenix episodes, which focus on this couple:

Keep in mind these subs are the fan’s translations of the Italian script, which in this case isn’t the original. Winx Club is weird when it comes to dubbing. This show is Italian, but the mouth flaps are animated for the English script. That implies that it’s either written first or at the same time as the Italian script.

All that to say the official English dialogue may be different from these subs.

Let me know what you think — not just about the Sirenix arc, but about all of season eight so far. Are you excited for the second half?

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NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
May 12, 2019 3:03 am

Okay, I’m only two episodes in, and I already have a few first impressions. Overall, so far I’m getting a season seven vibe – not as “dark” or whatever as the first few seasons may have been, but more grounded than the Nickbow seasons.

I don’t mind the new animation style for the most part, but there is one character who looks absolutely awful in it: Kiko. His face just looks awful. It kind of reminds me of the new 3D Sonic that everyone hates so much.

The character designs are pretty good, beyond a few minor pet peeves. It kind of bothers me that the Specialists are all super lean now, and Riven’s sidebangs do not work well with the rest of his outfit. But otherwise, it’s good. I also like Aisha and Musa’s Cosmix designs – Aisha’s somehow feels more unique than the others, and I kinda like Musa with a high ponytail. Also, the animation style during the transformation sequence and the credits was pretty cool.

The story’s alright so far – nothing revolutionary, but I’ll take it. They had better have a good explanation for why Valtor is magically alive now. Also, the MuRi interactions are already making me cringe. Musa’s stubbornness and hostility towards Riven is understandable, considering what he’s put her through, but…ugh. It’s really reminding me of season four, which in my opinion had the worst relationship drama – not just for MuRi, but for everyone. I also don’t know what to think of the “new”(?) Riven. I can’t tell if he’s actually done a full character 180, or if he’ll revert to his old self ten episodes from now. I’ll just have to watch and find out.

Finally, can we just talk about how stupidly convenient Cosmix is? “Oh, Obscurum is trying to darken our planet? Here’s a power that, and I quote, lets you bring power to all of the star cores.” If I were Will, I might say that the odds of this power is just happening to exist are quite…astronomical.

*ba dum tss*

Reply to  NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
May 12, 2019 10:13 am

yeah i honestly prefer season 7 kiko’s design over season 8 kiko’s design

Reply to  Tori
May 12, 2019 10:43 am

yeah that’s unfortunate

Will N.
Will N.
Reply to  NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
May 12, 2019 7:36 am

Nice pun. Also there was an explination, but I’ll avoid writing anything other than Dragon Flame mechanics for now. Dragon Flame plot armor isn’t just for the Winx or Daphne.

NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
May 18, 2019 11:54 am

One thing I have liked about this season is all of the extra emphasis on combined magic, like there was in season two. Faragonda (or some teacher) had said that to combine your powers, you must first understand your own power, including its figurative meanings. (For example, Bloom’s power is the spark of life, while Stella’s represents happiness and warmth – the stuff that makes life worth living and helps is thrive.)

In episode seven (where Flora’s and Stella’s powers were emphasized, I kept getting distracted by the figurative implications of their powers together. Nature often represents beauty, calm, and preservence. Their powers could play off each other quite a bit. Happiness and love helps natural beauty grow, which makes it more inclined to perservere through life’s difficult challenges. Then they (hopefully) spread their happiness and love to others, which helps both happiness and nature thrive.

June 29, 2019 5:58 pm

No ETA yer for second half…
I like the new seqence.
Best plot so far (In my opinion).