Winx Meme #3B: Aisha/Nex in Different Art Styles, Updated

Just for fun, I made a new version of the Winx Club art style meme for Aisha and Nex. Everything’s different except the comic art. I used a screenshot from season seven instead of six, added a season eight screenshot, and changed the fan art to the second LadyKraken commission. It’s the same thing but with more variety. ?

Also, can you believe it’s been four years since season seven premiered? Geez! Time’s moving too fast!

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Will N.
Will N.
May 13, 2019 2:53 pm

That is very nice. Also, I hope Nex keeps buying more turquoise, green and blue outfits (and likewise red and orange for Aisha whenever she feels like wearing his action colors). I like how he’s going for matching couples clothing….it’s cute.