Winx Magazine #212: Dance Déjà Vu

Rainbow acknowledged Aisha and Nex in Winx Club Magazine again, but I’m not as happy as I usually am. Recognize this dance scene? You should because it’s from the December 2019 comic “La Gara di Ballo” (The Dance Competition), which Rainbow reprinted in this magazine.

What’s going on over there? They’ve been rereleasing toys and reusing covers for years, but this is too much. I bet the comics are the main reason people buy this magazine! Why would they buy the same one twice?

Oh, well. I don’t work for Rainbow. ?‍♀️

Anyway, to change the reading experience, they added a trivia game. As you can see, the second question is about Aisha and Nex’s dance. Yay!

It says (via Google Translate):

What discipline does Nex and Aisha’s dance look like?

A) Yoga
B) A martial art
C) Artistic gymnastics

The answer is B, of course. Specifically, it makes me think of capoeira, just because they’re supposed to be dancing, but it could be anything.

Sigh. At least Aisha and Nex got some attention in this magazine. I just hope it won’t be their last comic together. We don’t know if Nex will be in Winx season nine. I think he will, but it’s up in the air right now. ?

Please, Rainbow. Season eight was a step in the right direction for their love story. Don’t give up on this couple now!

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Solar Crown
Solar Crown
November 19, 2021 4:03 pm

Offtopic (sorry) but Season9… Bad news… I’m not sure yet if it’s 100 percent but Season 9 will “apparently” (? not sure but UNFORTUNATELY it does not look like another fake news to cheat fandom) be just “a reboot of a series” plus recently there were photos from some convention and Rainbow literally ” had posters “of “redesigns” of Flora Bloom and Stella. I’m sorry, I’m sad and pissed too, I gave up.

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
November 20, 2021 9:43 am

AMAZING!! I mean, your fanfictions, not the sad reality about Rainbow that even hardcore old fans ignore- that Winx had simplistic and even inconsistent writing since the first season.
By the way I totally forgot saying that those “redesigns from Rainbow’s panel” (? anyway SirenixWinx wrote about this) looked like redesign… of Fairy Transformation from pre-Enchantix era. I’m not even suprised and even interested. I think I’ll just look at the transformation scene and some of episodes and leave it, I still can’t wrap my head that Icy suddenly got her weird redemption AFTER 16 YEARS. Sirenix Arc with Aisha and Nex and awesome Sirenix Redesigns were already worth continuations aleeady , so… ?

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
November 20, 2021 1:08 pm

About me: the whole controversy around Enchantix S8 which went too far, bullying the Fate actress (which happened at the same time period), Nex hate, plus the hardcore oldfans ignoring the fact that Winx was never great at all, all these things combined made me drop Winx entirely. The only time that I came back was when I skipped all the episodes to the Icy arc just to see if it’s true and oh my god I was flabbergasted. I love the redesigns for S9 personally but I don’t feel like bothering watching it normally like I did before Season7 ended.
Also, rebooting this is weird because Winx Nick Specials WERE reboots at some point