The Roy/Aisha/Nex Love Triangle: 3 Subtle Signs Aisha Would Choose Nex

Aisha surprised many Winx fans when she chose Nex instead of Roy in the season six love triangle. But if those fans had noticed these three signs, they may have seen it coming.

1. Nex wore bluish green accessories.

Aisha wears a lot of shades of green in this franchise, but her signature color is a bluish green we’ll call “aqua green”. That’s what her Guida al Mondo Magico profile called it. Makes sense. She is a water fairy, after all.

Now look at the colors of the gems on Roy and Nex’s uniforms:

“The Anthem (Winx season 6, episode 23): Nex and Roy cheer for Aisha (Layla)

I wanted to be thorough and find the names of these colors, but that’s overkill. Plus, you have eyes. You can see the point.

Roy’s gem was yellowish green. Aisha has worn that color before, but we associate it more with Flora. But Nex’s gem was bluish green. Specifically, it was a hue of green cyan, the same color group aqua green belongs in. (Here are their exact colors if you care: Roy’s and Nex’s.)

That wasn’t the only place Rainbow dropped the signature color hint. Here are Roy and Nex in their gym outfits in “Broken Dreams” (Winx season 6, episode 11):

“Broken Dreams” (Winx season 6, episode 11): Roy and Nex after the rollerblade race

Their helmets, their gloves, their roller blades, and the stripes on their shirts were similar colors as their gems. Once again, only Nex wore bluish green.

2. Nex appeared in the season six trailer and the first opening sequence.

Remember? Rainbow put Nex and Thoren in both the trailer and the first version of the opening. That’s like holding up a sign that says, “These characters are important!”

Granted, their actions painted them in a negative light, but maybe Rainbow did that on purpose. They may have wanted us to think Nex and Thoren couldn’t be trusted, then surprise us when they became Aisha’s boyfriend and Daphne’s husband.

Winx season 6 trailer: Thoren and Nex push Sky
Thoren has a bluish green gem. It’s supposed to be gold. Rainbow made that mistake a lot in this season.

This is weird, though. I understand why Thoren pushed Sky. They’re cousins, and they had a rivalry early in the season. (Later in the trailer, we saw them fight each other.)

But why did Nex push Sky? He didn’t have anything against him. ? Oh, well. It never happened in the season, anyway.

Roy never appeared in a trailer — he’s Aisha’s only love interest who didn’t — but he was in Winx season five’s first opening. For a split second. In the background.

The first GIF below is at the original speed. The second is slowed down to a fourth that speed, so you can tell the blur on the boat is really Roy.

As you can see, this is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, so chances are most of us did. If Rainbow wanted us to notice him, they would have featured him more prominently.

3. Rainbow paired Aisha with Nex more often in couple groups.

Look at this screenshot from “The Secret Greenhouse” (Winx season 6, episode 10):

“The Secret Greenhouse” (Winx season 6, episode 10): Stella/Brandon, Aisha/Nex, and Bloom

Notice who’s on either side of Aisha and Nex: Stella and Brandon on the left, and Bloom and Sky (cut off) on the right. Those pairs are, of course, couples. Aisha and Nex weren’t a couple yet by this episode, but being flanked by two couples made it look like they were.

This is simple framing. When you group people together, viewers will look for a pattern and assume it’s true for the entire group. So if you show a picture with mostly couples in it, they’ll assume all the pairs are couples.

But since Aisha and Nex weren’t a couple yet, doesn’t that mean they broke the pattern? Yes, but now we know they’d eventually become a couple. Think of this as a way for Rainbow to prepare us for seeing Aisha and Nex together. Did Rainbow ever do this with her and Roy? Yes, but not as often, even in season five. (They didn’t even have many scenes together that season.)

Here are a few more scenes, all before Aisha and Nex became a couple:

The screenshot of Aisha and Nex by themselves is from “Mystery of Calavera” (Winx season 6, episode 15). In that scene, the Winx were about to enter the Legendarium World for the first time. Three of their boyfriends — Sky, Nex, and Brandon — sent them off with words of concern and encouragement.

It’s worth emphasizing that Nex, not Roy, said goodbye to Aisha in this scene. If she was gonna choose Roy, why didn’t he see her off instead?

(Side note: In my story, Nex has his season six voice. Sorry, Marc Thompson.)

The last screenshot is from “The Curse of Fearwood” (Winx season 6, episode 17). It may look like a group of random characters, but it is four couples: Bloom/Sky, Tecna/Timmy, Musa/Riven, and Aisha/Nex. I’ll color-code them so you can tell:

So next time you watch season six, pay attention to which guy Aisha is in a group with or standing next to the most. Of course, Rainbow still uses this technique now that she and Nex are dating:

Final Thoughts

Those were the less obvious hints that Aisha would choose Nex over Roy. Did you remember any of these? Are there any subtle signs I missed?

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January 21, 2020 4:22 pm

got to admit i never noticed these

Will N.
Will N.
Reply to  knight7572
January 21, 2020 8:39 pm

Oh look, that first screenshot is now a way to ask another question about Roy.

“If Roy’s such a good fit…how come he was never next to Sky, Helia and Brandon?” Sky=Bloom, Helia=Flora, Brandon=Stella, Nex=Aisha Bloom+Stella+Aisha+Flora (and sometimes Musa) =Important. Logically the specialists also have that kind of importance. If Roy never got Aisha equivalency, then he wasn’t all that important to begin with.

Next: Sky deserved that push…no matter who did it. That’s what he gets for treating Diaspro and Bloom both like trash…and why don’t either of them just dump him (again in Bloom’s case) and give him more than metaphorical burns already?

Last: Musa and Riven’s hearts should be gray, not red. That relationship is too toxic for Musa’s color to be attached to it. After all Riven has “a heart of stone”

February 5, 2020 6:58 am

yeah Bloom should have dumped him years ago
oh btw Tori the link to the Winxclubmagix blog needs removing cause that blog doesn’t exist anymore

March 15, 2020 9:16 am

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