The Aisha/Nex Kiss Fan Art is Popular on Pinterest

When I uploaded my Aisha/Nex kiss fan art commission to Pinterest, I didn’t expect much activity on it. But as of the date of this post, it’s been saved at least 900 times. Plus, someone else pinned a copy of it.

I know not everyone who saved it likes Aisha and Nex. Some of them just saw the painting and said, “Ooh, pretty!” That’s the default reaction to art of this couple. The Winx fandom can appreciate the aesthetics, but they don’t care about the subject.

Regardless, Aisha and Nex need more fan art. I haven’t checked in months, but I bet Koohihime is still one of the few people drawing this couple. (Check out her artwork here!) The rest of the fandom still doesn’t wanna draw them. ? (Of course, if you have seen other fan art, let me know!)

The tutorial for a Winx season 7-theme piece by LadyKraken

I prefer to commission art instead. The kiss painting cost me $130, though, so I can’t afford something else like that right now.

But that’s about to change.

Get ready. There will be a ton of new Aisha/Nex fan art this year. ?

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January 19, 2020 5:26 am

I need to learn how to draw. Then I can create what I want without asking people to draw something for me.

It’s a shame 99% of the artists want money to draw something from Winx. I bet if you requested illegal stuff (like lolicon/shotacon or bestiality) they would do it for free. ?

By the way; Is it normal that I feel lonely when I’m thinking about the Winx fandom? Like, it used to be active up until 2016 or so.