Inktober 2019 Drabble #5: “A Call for Help”

“See? This is way better,” said Nex, stretching out onto the sand.

Aisha pressed an open book to his face. “We’re not here to relax!”

“Aisha!” yelled a voice from the ocean. The couple watched as a mermaid with ruby-red hair barreled towards them.

“Tressa!” said Aisha.

The mermaid looked frantic. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“What happened, Tressa?”

“I was in a cave with Nesia and Kalia, and it collapsed! And now Kalia’s trapped!”

Aisha turned her head and frowned apologetically at Nex.

“We’ve got time, right?” he said.

“Yes…” said the fairy. “Don’t worry, Tressa! We’ll save her!”

Author/Artist’s Notes

No, there’s no picture yet. I almost finished it, but I messed up Aisha and Tressa’s faces so badly, I’m too embarrassed to show it. I’ll redraw the picture and add it to the post later.

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