“Because You Like Nex”

Two things I hear a lot when I defend Aisha and Nex:

“You’re saying that because you like Nex.”

“Well, I don’t like Nex.”

Do you have to like a character to support their relationship? I don’t think so.

Case in point: Tritannus is one of the least popular villains in Winx Club, but people support him and Icy, one of the most popular. Heck, people ship Bloom/Valtor. Valtor is the most popular villain in Winx history, but a lot of fans hate Bloom because she’s a Mary Sue.

There you go: two fan-approved pairings of a popular character + a less-popular or hated character. And one of them is a Winx with the villain who destroyed her realm, almost killed two of her friends, and tried to kill her. They’re an acceptable pairing, but Aisha and Nex aren’t? At least he’s not an evil sorcerer who wants to conquer the universe!

Yes, I like him. So what? That’s not why I lovenot like, love him and Aisha as a couple.

It’s not about Nex himself — it’s about what he and Aisha represent together. I love great ideas. Aisha and Nex together are a great idea, even if it hasn’t been presented well in Winx Club.

I seriously wanna pluck them out of this franchise, change them, and rewrite their love story. You can do so much with the concepts in their relationship. It’d be a crime to let them rot just because one audience hated this couple in this show. Maybe the Winx universe was the wrong setting anyway.

So, yeah, I am saying this because I like Nex…with Aisha. Alone or paired with another character, he’s not worth as much. Sure, I hope Rainbow develops him individually — I want him to be his own character, not just a love interest — but he shines the most when he’s with Aisha. Together, they’re the “rich tapestry” I admire.

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?️‍? ?? ?Happy Hallowinx! #Halloween #Winx (@LonelyWinxer)
November 5, 2018 7:17 pm

Honestly, fuck the haters. If you see them online, just block and be done with them (like I do).

I’ll support your cause and will continue to do so.

November 7, 2018 11:18 am

as will i
you can count on me too

June 17, 2022 10:07 am

Me too. I’m really into them as a couple and all the symbolism behind them. I’m also really excited about your rewrite ?.