Winx Theory: The Paladin Class Was Created For Nex

The term “Paladin” was first used in Winx season two. Professor Avalon is (or was) a Paladin. But I’m talking about the Paladin class as we know it now: red uniforms, elemental weapons, and green Windriders.

Why do I think Rainbow created this version for Nex? I think they wanted him to wear red for the yin-yang dynamic with Aisha. They couldn’t dress him in blue like the Specialists because she wears blue (and green). To contrast with her, he needed to wear warm colors like red and orange.

Winx season 6, episode 23: Nex and his friend and fellow Paladin Thoren
Nex and his friend and fellow Paladin Thoren

Rainbow’s solution: create a class that functions the same way as the Specialists, but wears red instead of blue. Nex doesn’t look as out of place with them as Nabu did because Nex still has the same attributes: armor, a gem on his chest, a Windrider, and a weapon. Rainbow also made his friend Thoren a Paladin and even showed him in a similar uniform when he was a child. That made it seem like Paladins have always existed. (Using a pre-existing term helped with that illusion, too.)

As a bonus, the Specialists now have rivals like the Winx do. Fairies and witches have been rivals forever, since they’re magic beings that use opposite types of magic. But the Specialists never had a comparable class until now. It might be interesting to see more of the rivalry between Specialists and Paladins.

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