Winx Fan Art: Happy Birthday, Renata! (2020)

You remember Renata, right? She’s my Winx next-generation fairy, Aisha and Nex’s daughter. Her power is rain.

I commissioned fan art for her parents’ birthdays (here and here), so it only seemed right to finish the set. But I wanted to do something different than another party. So I thought, “How about her literal birthday?”

This beautiful piece was painted by J-Witless (, who also made the Winx season eight kiss and nap fan art. Here it is! (NOTE: Click here to see the hi-rez version.)


Life, Death, and Rebirth. The cycle is complete.

I wanted Aisha and Nex to look older here, but I left it up to J-Witless‘s imagination. All I said was they’re in their late 20’s or early 30’s, and Nex doesn’t wear an updo anymore.

What do you think of her designs? I think they look great. They still look like themselves, but you can tell they’re both more mature now.

I think they’ll be wonderful parents. ❤️ Welcome to the world, Renata.

I’ve added this piece to the Aisha/Nex commissioned fan art page. Check it out to see more art of this Winx couple and Renata.

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