Winx Club | Angel Layla x Nex | Firestone (4:08)

This video by Winxdreaming popped up in my recommendations on YouTube today. It shows Aisha (Layla) and Nex’s love story from season six until now, set to “Firestone” by Kygo. As you can see, Winxdreaming added a filter to everything. It really lends some charm to it, especially in the season eight scenes. ❤️

Winxdreaming made this because there aren’t many Aisha/Nex videos on YouTube. Maybe that’s because Aisha/Nex haters like to flood the comment sections. ? Thankfully, they haven’t ruined this video yet. Most of the comments are positive. A few fans even said they like this couple and don’t understand why so many people hate them.

It sounds like more Winx fans are starting to appreciate these two. Videos like this and Power of Charmix‘s help.

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