Winx Fan Art: Renata Enchantix Design

I haven’t talked about my next-gen OC Renata much lately. In case you don’t remember her, she’s Aisha and Nex’s daughter (of course ?). She’s the Fairy of Rain, so she can control all forms of condensation and precipitation: rain, fog, mist, hail, sleet, frozen rain, and more.

“Renata” name means “reborn” in Latin. Since “Aisha” means “life”, and “Nex” means “death”, I thought it made sense to complete the cycle. ? So together, they’re Life, Death, and Rebirth. (Rainbow did something similar with Stella and her parents’ names.)

A couple years ago, I commissioned an Enchantix design from DragonShinyFlame ( Here it is!

Renata Enchantix Design by DragonShinyFlame (

She looks gorgeous! I’ll commission some art of her. I already have a concept in mind. ?

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November 16, 2020 6:14 am

[…] she look amazing? This Enchantix form was designed for me by DragonShinyFlame ( Renata didn’t have […]