The Latest Aisha/Nex Projects I’m Working On

I haven’t been as active on the blog lately, but I haven’t abandoned this couple. Not by a long shot. Here’s what I’m working on right now.

YouTube Channel

I’m making my first original video for my new YouTube channel. It’ll sum up my post about Aisha and Nex’s relationship development in Winx season eight, with references to other posts, too. If you haven’t subscribed yet, feel free! ?

New Website:

Let’s face it: Aisha and Nex will never win the Winx fandom over now. It’s too late. This couple had too much working against their love story:

  • Aisha’s relationship with Nabu and his death in Winx season four
  • Roy’s introduction in Winx season five, which made Nex the only Winx boyfriend to debut in a love triangle
  • Nex arriving 10 years into the series, long after what the fans consider the glory days
  • Nex being dismissed as a second Riven, especially after Riven’s temporary exit (after which some fans stopped watching Winx Club)
  • Rainbow developing Sky and Riven more than the other Specialists
  • Rainbow decreasing the target audience of Winx Club and toning down the romance between the couples
  • Rainbow changing the art style in Winx season eight and officially retooling Winx into a preschool series

The reality is Aisha and Nex never had a fair chance. They couldn’t reach their full potential under these conditions.

But I’ve told people outside the Winx fandom about this couple, and they get it. They understand why I’m intrigued by them. If people who haven’t watched Winx Club think Aisha and Nex sound interesting, it suggests they’re not the problem. It’s their story. Winx Club, especially as it is now, can’t do this couple justice.

Aisha and Nex need a clean slate. That’s why I made a new website for them: It won’t focus on their love story in Winx Club. Instead, I’ll talk about broader topics related to their characters, their symbolism, their relationship, and creative writing in general.

This site will also be the home for my non-Winx fanfiction. When I say I have a lot of ideas for this couple, I’m not kidding. Before I made, I had at least four concepts for non-Winx stories that would span several chapters, and I came up with another story early this week.

It’s true: Aisha and Nex ignite my imagination more than any other character or couple in Winx Club.

As for Yin-Yang Couple blog, don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere. I’ll put my Winx-themed fanfiction here, and you can still expect new posts and fan art. I hope you’ll bookmark and/or subscribe to both sites. ?

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Solar Crown
Solar Crown
April 18, 2021 10:43 am

“Aisha and Nex will never win” and THAT’S why it upsets me and also why I don’t even regret leaving Winx after the S8 enchantix controversy. Still, despite this I’m looking forward for your projects and your channel confent!

Power of Charmix
Power of Charmix
April 20, 2021 4:10 pm

Unrelated news: I commissioned a friend of mine to make some Aisha and Nex art! It’s not done yet, but they’re working on it. They said they like Nex’s design. ? (If you want to check out their art, their Instagram is starzz.dayzzing .)