Aisha/Nex Appreciation #2: “A Rich Tapestry”

Back in July, someone on DeviantArt sent me this note:

There are characters out there that don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re left in the background while more popular characters get brought to the foreground. When an artwork comes out with an original pair that has earned the spotlight that they get? That lights up my heart like a glow-worm. That’s what I got out of your darling duo. A warm and fuzzy. Thank you for that. I’d love to know more about your favorite thing about them.

I’m not sure which artwork they were talking about, but based on the timing, I think it was the fan art I commissioned from LadyKraken:

I’m glad it made someone else happy. ?

What surprised the most was being asked what my favorite thing about Aisha and Nex is. As I told the person, I’m used to people not wanting me to talk about this couple, especially since I talk about them a lot (because I love them so much). But ask and you shall receive. ?

I wrote an essay about how Aisha and Nex feel as much like friends as lovers; how they have excellent teamwork because “they fall into natural roles and complement each other well” but “don’t mind letting each other lead”; and of course, how their theme is yin and yang, reflected in their names and character designs.

The person’s response, speaking about the creators of Winx Club:

That’s such a rich tapestry that they’ve woven!

I couldn’t agree more.

I like Aisha and Nex individually, but I love them as a couple. The different aspects of their characters intertwine to form a tapestry of color, symbolism, and story possibilities. It’s beautiful. ❤️

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