Avoid These Sites If You Love Aisha and Nex

Warning: this is a negative post. I’m sorry, but I think it’s worth talking about.

Let’s face it: Aisha/Nex fans aren’t welcome anywhere in the Winx fandom. But some sites are worse than others. Based on my experience, here are three sites to avoid if you’re an Aisha/Nex fan.

3. Instagram

My friend Koohihime runs the @aisha.and.nex account I started years ago. If you’re looking for positive Aisha/Nex content on Instagram, that’s your best bet. Just about everywhere else is anti-Aisha/Nex. You might avoid most of the Nabu and Aisha/Nabu posts or the anti-Nex and anti-Aisha/Nex posts if you’re lucky.

But don’t be surprised if you post something positive about Aisha and Nex, and an obnoxious fan demands you delete it or bombards it with over 100 negative comments (true stories). It happens on the official Winx Club account all the time.

For the most part, though, the Instagram Winx fandom pretends the couple doesn’t exist. Fans often omit them from “favorite Winx couple” polls or couple memes.

2. VK (Vkontakte)

VK is an Aisha/Nabu fan club. The popular pages post so many Aisha/Nabu memes and edits, some followers are getting sick of them!

If you bring up Nex, the fans get vicious. They love to mock him and call him a “freak” or a “vile character”. Any positive content about him and Aisha gets slammed with negative comments, vomit emojis, and shouts of “Aisha and Nabu forever!”

Surprisingly, I found an Aisha/Nex fan page on VK. But the last time I checked, it had less than 20 followers and hadn’t been updated in years. I don’t know if it still exists.

And the worst site for Aisha/Nex fans is…

1. Tumblr

Is this even a surprise? Tumblr is one of the most toxic sites on the Internet. A 2018 article on Kotaku called it “a joyless black hole”.

The Tumblr Winx fandom is run by Aisha/Nex haters, and they keep control in at least three ways:

  • Attacking anyone who says it’s time to move on from Nabu’s death: Yeah, they’re obsessed with him, too. Last year, one fan gently encouraged people to move on. The reaction: someone told that fan to commit suicide.
  • Frequently complaining about Nabu’s death and Aisha dating Nex: They do it most often through the Winx Confessions blog, which has turned into the “B*tch About Winx Club Blog” (pardon my French). If you defend Aisha and Nex, be prepared for backlash.
  • Labeling discussions about Nabu’s death or Aisha/Nex as “discourse” — i.e., topics no one wants to hear about anymore: The idea is if you bring them up, you’re just being annoying and asking for a fight. Unless you agree with the accepted opinions, of course. In that case, talk about Aisha and Nex all you want! That may keep the number of ship wars down, but it also shuts down smart debate and counterarguments.

Of course, the problems with Tumblr are bigger than the Winx fandom. The site is full of bitter, judgmental, and shameless users — look what happened when porn was banned — and they foster a hostile atmosphere. Combine that with features like reblogging, notes, and anonymous messages, and you’ve got the perfect setup for a toxic environment. Reblogging and notes encourage competition instead of discussion, and anonymous messages let people be jerks to each other without consequences.

If you’re a new Winx fan, even if you hate Aisha and Nex, stay away from Tumblr. Almost any site is better (except Twitter).

Final Thoughts

I wanted to balance this list out with the best sites for Aisha/Nex fans, but I couldn’t think of any. That’s why I made this blog in the first place. It’s hard to be happy in a fandom where everyone hates something you love with all your heart.

I’ve said this a lot, and I’ll say it again: I wish Aisha/Nex fans had tons of fan art, fanfiction, and more to enjoy, just like the fans of the other couples have. Maybe in the future — the near future, I hope. ?

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January 29, 2019 5:26 pm

Tumblr is honestly not surprising really

Reply to  Tori
January 29, 2019 5:43 pm

so i’m wondering what you think about this disturbing implication of season 8’s idea

Reply to  Tori
January 29, 2019 5:47 pm

well the implication that Valtor taking the light of lumeria and how vital it is to the life of stars is going to probably result in people losing their lives on inhabited worlds that lost what provides them heat and oxygen

Reply to  Tori
January 29, 2019 5:52 pm

yeah true

February 5, 2019 6:12 am

Deviantart, especially people like this bitch and her friends: https://unitedwinxers.wordpress.com/2019/02/04/heartstorm4ever-hates-winx/