I Won’t Give Up on Aisha and Nex

In about two weeks, I’m shutting down my Winx Club blog, Una di Noi Winx. But I’ll keep this blog going. I love Aisha and Nex with all my heart, and I love writing about them.

I still had a lot I wanted to talk about, but I felt like I couldn’t. On this blog, I can say whatever and as much as I want. And I feel like I need to. Not enough fans talk about Aisha and Nex positively.

The positive things about this couple outnumber and outweigh the negatives. Yet the negatives are all the Winx fandom focuses on. If I don’t keep writing about Aisha and Nex, that negative narrative is all everyone will ever hear.

I’m giving up on my Winx blog, but I’m not giving up on this couple. Their love story may have started poorly, but I think the ending will make everything worth it. I love how this relationship fits into Aisha’s story, I love the strands of symbolism woven into their relationship, and I love the relationship itself.

I hope that soon, the Winx fandom will love and support Aisha/Nex, too. Until then, I’ll keep blogging about them. I don’t think I can counter all the negativity by myself, but I’m not gonna stop trying. This couple deserves more appreciation.

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October 4, 2018 2:54 pm

I feel the same about World of Winx, Regal Academy and Spirit Riding Free. NO-ONE is going to keep me from defending them (especially not some extreme rightist trump-supporter like Ines Biebrich or fake fans like Valley pierce and “theyruinedwinxclub”) and if I’m the last person on Earth that’s fighting for those shows, so be it (it certainly feels like that most of the times)!

Continue writing about them, I’ll be here reading your posts.