Inktober Day #3: “Curse”

Couldn’t think of what to draw at first, so I went with one of my weirder story ideas: Nex gets cursed and turns into a dog. (I’ve also thought of wolf or bear.) Going along with Winx season eight’s star theme — I also had a star-themed fan season idea — he actually becomes Canis Major. Aisha and the Winx have to figure out how to change him back.

(Side note: In the bear version, they have find Callisto, one of the Nine Nymphs of Magix. She’s the guardian of the realm Callisto, which is named after her. Nex is also from Callisto.)

I’m proud of Nex’s dog head, but I still need to work on drawing human figures. Aisha’s hands and faces look scarier than the curse! ?

Anyway, three drawings down, 28 to go!

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