Is The Winx Fandom Changing Their Minds About Aisha and Nex?

Have you seen any recent signs that the fandom is warming up to Aisha and Nex? Any positive comments? Posts? Fan art? Videos?

I’ll go first. Here’s a comment from Winx Wiki, responding to the common question, “Why did Aisha chose Nex instead of Roy?”

I re-watched season 6 and it makes sense that after 6×24 Aisha started dating Nex. I always thought that she didn’t choose either of them in season 6 and then unexpectedly started dating Nex in season 7…but fact that this relationship not started from nowhere is comforting. And after seeing them together in season 8 I totally ship them.

Yes! ?

Your turn! Whatever you’ve found, feel free to share it on the blog!

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May 18, 2019 4:55 pm

if the fandom is coming round to Aisha and Nex then they may finally be learning to move on

June 16, 2022 10:30 am

Hi! I first saw Winx Club when I was in fourth grade. I remember I saw the seasons in wrong order and started with…. season 6! I didn’t know about Roy, Nabu, or anything, and only had fun watching the glittery wings, splendid hair, likable characters and special couples. (*hum… a certain love triangle*) I think that at first I liked Roy, but after a few episodes, about halfway through the season, I started being indecisive. Then, I continued watching the rest of the seasons and, to be honest, never was an Aisha/Nabu shipper. I find him uninteresting. I think symbolism really matters, like for example Flora and Helia are the flower and the sun, and also have theories about why Flora and Aisha are best friends: A flower needs sunshine… and? Water, you guessed it! And who’s a water fairy? Anyway, a bit off topic. I think I first liked Roy but then, seeing how inconsistive his writing was about 2 years later, I didn’t stand on anyone’s side and was more objective. Though, I didn’t mind, and even liked Aisha and Nex in season 7, although he was ONCE a bit of a NEXX! (When Aisha and Flora made Squonk and Amarok play together). And then the Winx fandom took ONE scene and brought it against “Riven 0.2”, as they say. I mean, season 7 really made some characters act out of character (ex: Flora) Anyway, I watched the Sirenix arc on this blog and now I am a proud shipper of Life and Death. I even started doing some fanart, even though I’m still a beginner. Though, I’m okay at writing and probably will write fanfics. Anyway, thanks for making me rediscover this power couple and, well, I hope more people see your work because you are really convincing and bring facts and not faith. *cough, cough, Winx fandom…*

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