How To Promote The Yin-Yang Couple Blog?

When I started Una di Noi Winx in 2009, I didn’t promote it much. I commented on other Winx bloggers’ posts from time to time. Also, blog catalogs were still useful back then. Those two methods were enough to drum up attention.

In 2012, I ventured onto Facebook and Twitter. Twitter was the most profitable for me, and I ended with about 2300 followers. Not bad for a non-celebrity.

But that was while Winx Club was still relatively popular around the world. I was promoting a blog for a show that a lot of people loved. Now, I have a blog for a couple that most people hate, who are also from a dying franchise.

Still, I wanna attract more readers to Yin-Yang Couple. I just don’t know how.

Can you help me spread the word?

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Derdlim Ahsía
Derdlim Ahsía
September 14, 2019 2:45 am

Granted; a webpage wih forum+ vk news group + discord open group might be comming soon, as soon my computer is repaired; To tell the truth promoting winx club is a baaaaaaad free-time activity, still it’s homework ..

[So what about some facebook headers? Or a secind number whatts group? Almost all cellphones comes with Watts and Facebook as default apps]