@aishaandnex: The Abandoned Aisha/Nex Instagram Account

As you might know, I created the Instagram account @aisha.and.nex. (It now belongs to my friend Koohihime.) I wanted to call it @aishaandnex (no periods) because that’s easier to write. But to my surprise, that username was taken.

An abandoned Aisha and Nex Instagram account
An abandoned Aisha and Nex Instagram account (@aishaandnex)

Here’s a screenshot of @aishaandnex. As you can see, it only has three posts, even though it was created more than three years ago. The owner also set the account to “private”. I requested to follow them, but they never accepted me.

Who made this account? Why did they abandon it? I imagine it’s for the same reason I left mine: because if you like Aisha and Nex, you’re trash as far as the Winx Club fandom is concerned. ? And Instagram is one of the worst sites to be an Aisha and Nex fan.

I bet that’s why this person set their account to “private”. Aisha/Nex haters probably slammed it with the typical comments: “Nex is a Riven rip-off!”, “I hate Nex!”, “She should have picked Roy!”, “Aisha and Nabu forever!”, etc. No one wants you to talk about Aisha and Nex, unless it’s to reject them.

So I’m glad someone else in the Winx fandom tried to cut through all the bias and hate. I just wish I knew who that person was. This couple still needs their support.

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September 13, 2019 9:20 am

I’ve seen alot of abandoned Winx
blogs or social media pages.
Some just dissapear, never to be seen again, some where really big
and popular, like BelieveInWinx ☹️

Reply to  Tori
September 15, 2019 4:26 pm

The Forum of BelieveInWinx aren’t death, but not very active aswell.
Some categories last posts were about two to three years ago.
I really wonder what happened to BelieveInWinx..
He left in 2015, and later that year made a new Facebook page,
but short after that, another moderator took it over.
And now it’s death again for a half a year. Did he ever tell why he left even?

Reply to  Tori
September 15, 2019 5:01 pm

That’s the most common reason why abandoned Winx blogs are abandoned ? I get why they left. But i hate when they do without mentioning it, and just dissapear. Even thought they know how great of a fanbase they have.