5 “Old Winx” Things Nex Has Seen (or Might See in Winx Season 8)

Sadly, Nex wasn’t part of what the Winx fandom calls “old Winx”: seasons 1-3 (and four, depending on who you ask). But he’s been making up for what he missed. Here are five things from the first four seasons that Nex has already seen (or might see in Winx season eight):

1. The Omega Dimension (Winx Seasons 3 & 4)

In “Night of the Stars” (Winx season 8, episode 1), Helia said the Specialists just came back from a mission in the Omega Dimension. That’s where they ran into Riven. Question: what was he doing there? ?

Anyway, Nex went with them on the mission, which means he’s been to the ice prison now. He’s also been to Andros, the realm the Omega Portal is connected to.

2. Pixie Village (Winx Seasons 2-4)

Pixie Village was an important place in Winx season two. It held a piece of the Codex, so Darkar wanted to find the village. He even kidnapped the Pixies to torture the information out of them.

Fortunately for them, a brave fairy named Aisha tracked him to his lair. She couldn’t defeat him by herself, but her failure led her to her future best friends: the Winx. Together, they saved the Pixies and later destroyed Darkar.

Fast forward to Winx season six. In “Legendary Duel” (episode 24), Aisha and Nex’s couple confirmation episode, he accompanied her to Pixie Village. Fun fact: he’s the only one of her love interests who’s been there in the cartoon.

3. The Trix in Their Original Outfits (Winx Seasons 1-3)

Valtor freed the terrible trio from their space-time prison in “Valtor’s Shadow” (Winx season 8, episode 13). Nex fought them in seasons six and seven, but he’s never seen them in their original outfits. The odds are still high that he’ll get that chance this season.

4. The Mark of Valtor (Winx Season 3)

Nex has seen it several times in season eight. The first time was in “A Kingdom of Lumens” (episode 2), after the Winx and Specialists defeated the golems. That’s when the Winx discovered their old enemy had returned. Dun dun dun! (Side note: I still think it makes no sense, but oh well.)

5. Valtor Himself (Winx Season 3)

The Winx fandom assumes Nex has no idea who Valtor is. That might not be true. See this post for why I think Nex does know who he is.

Regardless, Nex probably hasn’t fought the demon himself yet, but that could change. A final battle of the Winx and Specialists vs. Valtor and the Trix may be coming. We’ll know soon.

Final Thoughts

We still don’t know if Rainbow will make a Winx season nine. But if they do, maybe Nex will get to see more relics from “old Winx”.

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