An Aisha/Nex Kiss Animation? Yes, Please!

I’ve found an artist I wanna commission. She calls herself starca:


Starca is well known for her smooth, beautiful animations, especially of couples kissing. ? Since Rainbow hasn’t given Aisha and Nex a kissing scene yet (at least not an uninterrupted one), I guess I have to make it happen myself.

Keep in mind that starca is crazy busy, so the commission won’t be finished by Valentine’s Day. In fact, it could be late spring or early summer before it’s done. She’s got a long waiting list.

But it’s worth the wait, don’t you think? This needs to happen. It should have happened already in Winx Club. I hope it’ll happen in season eight. (Please, Rainbow. Stop sabotaging this couple’s story. ?)

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January 19, 2019 5:15 pm

that will be interesting to see