Winx Season 8: Riven is Back?

A storyboard from Winx season 8, episode 10 was leaked today. It showed the Winx and their boyfriends traveling through space in the Owl. Thankfully, Nex was there…but so was Riven.

Sigh. I was really hoping Rainbow wouldn’t bring him back. Maybe it’s just for this episode or just for the 15th anniversary. We don’t know yet.

Already, the Winx fandom is celebrating and welcoming him back. They’re hoping he’s mended his ways, and he and Musa will make up…again. If they do, it’ll be the third time.

I don’t get it. This fandom gives Riven unlimited chances, no matter what he says or does and how badly he treats the other characters, including Musa. But those same fans gave Nex one chancejust one — and a lot of them have written him off forever. Why doesn’t he deserve as much leniency? If he’s supposedly like Riven, why don’t they have as much faith in him?

I hope Rainbow works hard to distinguish Nex from Riven. At least this will silence the fans who say he replaced Riven, since Rainbow clearly has no problem with two of them coexisting. After all, they’re not the same type of character. Maybe this season will prove it.

Despite this news, I’m relieved to see Nex in Winx season eight. Here’s hoping for more development of his and Aisha’s relationship.

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