Winx Season 8 Fan Art: Aisha and Nex Ballroom Dance

I have a few commissions I haven’t shared on the blog yet, so here’s one of them. It was painted by Wayleri from DeviantArt ( Note: click to see the high-rez version.


Am I overdoing it with semi-realistic commissions? ? Oh, well. Her style is pretty. I had to commission her one day.

Remember when Aisha and Nex danced together in “The Light of Gorgol” (Winx season 8, episode 9)? This painting is based on that moment. I wanted to see a version of it where the two of them didn’t look like kids.

As you can see, Nex has black hair. When Wayleri used his hair color from the show, he gave off major silver fox vibes. ? So I asked her to darken his hair so he’d look younger. Besides, Rainbow called it “dark” in his season six character description, so I think it’s meant to be black. (See the trope “Purple is the New Black”, which also mentions blue’s history as a substitute for black.)

The only commissions I’m waiting for now are the two I probably won’t get for another two years. ? But I still have two more I haven’t shared, and of course, I plan to keep commissioning Aisha/Nex fan art as long as I can afford it.

I’ve added this piece to the Aisha/Nex commissioned fan art page. Check it out to see more art of this Winx couple and their daughter Renata.

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