Winx Season 8: Aisha and Nex’s “Cosmic Love Moments”

On some of the YouTube channels yesterday, Rainbow posted a video of the Winx couples’ sweetest moments from season eight. They ranked them arbitrarily from 1-6, 1 being the best. Aisha and Nex were fifth, after Brandon giving Stella a pile of presents, and behind Tecna and Timmy’s only two scenes in the entire season.

Who was first? Bloom and Sky, of course! They’re the most beautiful couple ever! 🙄

Anyway, Aisha and Nex had a lot of tender moments this season, but the two Rainbow chose to highlight were:

  • Aisha greeting Nex in “A Kingdom of Lumens” (Winx season 8, episode 2)
  • The ballroom scene and dock scene near the end of “The Light of Gorgol” (Winx season 8, episode 9)

I can’t argue with the second pick, but the first one seems random. It was cute, but was it one of their best moments this season? Or at all? Not to me.

Winx Club Season 8: Nex Reassures Aisha After Her Speech

If Rainbow had asked me, I would have picked:

But my guess is Rainbow didn’t spend much time on this couple, since the Winx fandom still hates them. ? At least Rainbow included them. (And thank goodness comments are disabled on all official Winx Club videos now.)

Here’s the “Cosmic Love Moments” video, shortened to Aisha and Nex’s section. Enjoy!

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