“Comics-Only Love Interests”, Pt. 2: More Sexism in Winx Club

In my post comparing Nex to Aisha’s comics-only love interests, Jordan and Silvan, I said that sexist comments used to be more common in Winx Club. So even though the fandom associates sexism with Riven (and now Nex), it’s actually a universal problem.

I found another example: a conversation between the Specialists at Redfountain in “At the Last Moment” (Winx season 3, episode 19):

TIMMY: You don’t understand a thing about girls, do you, Riven?
RIVEN: Look who’s talking! Tecna had to wait forever before you told her you liked her!
TIMMY: Yeah, you’re right, but girls are pretty strange. I mean, who can really figure them out, huh?
BRANDON: It’s easy, Tim. Whatever they are, we’re not.
SKY: Thank goodness!

Yikes! Should we write off Timmy, Brandon, and Sky as sexist jerks, too? It’s only fair since the Winx fandom did it to Nex after just one comment. Heck, this is the second sexist comment I’ve found from Sky recently, so he definitely has “a penchant for misogynist language”!

Here’s my point again. Nex’s remark in “Back in the Middle Ages” (Winx season 7, episode 8) was sexist, but it wasn’t meant to reveal he’s a misogynist. Instead, comments like that are par for the course in Winx Club. Should they be? Of course not.

But the Winx fandom didn’t label the other guys “sexist” after they made these comments. So why is Nex, the newest character, getting the most flak when this has been going on since long before he debuted? If anyone has a “penchant for misogynist language”, it’s not him. It’s Rainbow.

Anyway, here’s the full scene, which includes a brief conflict between Helia and Riven.

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April 6, 2020 6:41 am

yeah really i question the point of the specialists since serve no purpose for the plot much

Derdlim Ahsia
Derdlim Ahsia
April 22, 2020 3:25 am

Now recalling past; never actualy liked Sky for his quotes… and role as the prince charming who can cheat without consequences.
… what is fun considering Brandon was written as someone girls shall fall in love with, Nex case wasn’t meant to be misogynist, in my point of view those lines of Nex was soposed to reflect average elementary school comentaries about girls that 6-8 year old boys sometimes have when they haven’t come to actually talk with girls .. I say so because it was quite common in my old school to be adressed as not qualificated sinse it was a only boys catholic school that came to accept girls for a change in some country laws regarding education a year before it was my time to enter elementary school and it was odd and frustrating having to deal with it everyday, the fact is not all boys were as reasonable as Nex, so, it doesn’t make it better for character devepolment but it is an example for young girls dealing with that s**t.

Me I ask.. in those old unadinoi closing times, there was an article of point of views where it had an explanation of no one being wrong or right and all being just points of views? If it’s not to much to ask for, what was the name of that theory?

For the record, season 6 Nex devepolment was deeper than the 8 seasons main specialist non-existent work on character.. we don’t even get to know them!!

June 6, 2020 3:40 pm

I remembered another example from 7×09, “The Fairy Cat”. Orlando accidentally drives his wagon away without the Winx. When he comes back, Stella screams something like, “Aren’t men in these times supposed to be knights in shining armor?!” Then later, when they’re on the wagon, she says, “Centuries pass, but boys remain the same.”

If you can think of any other examples, it’ll be helpful for my next video (which I am working on right now btw).

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 22, 2020 10:03 pm

And yet i find it funny that even Mike and Oritel have said similar things before and no one thinks anything of it, but then again it might have been more clear that they were just under stress and in Oritel’s case wanting to teach Sky a lesson. (One that Sky should pay more attention to. The lesson is, if you break my baby girl’s heart, whatever i do to you will be 10 times worse than whatever you imagine Stella would do…and you don’t want to know what Mike would do.)

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 23, 2020 12:06 pm

Wow. It sure is strange how that works. Also even if Aisha and Nabu had been more popular than Bloom and Sky…I don’t think they would have done that to get rid of him. If anything they really need to think more critically about “Aisha is the tide” and what that means for the respective stories of each Winx and Specialists. If anything Way of Sirenix pretty much describes what type of stories should be told about each couple. Bloom, Stella and Aisha are just easier to write for than some of the others since fire can translate to adventure, tide to life and light to being a guide (pun intended). This must be why the other three are harder to write about. Aura, Flower and Voice. Musa’s the easiest out of that group, but somehow whenever Musa uses hers to stand up for herself she gets placed on the backburner even over her boy friend (that space needs to be retained wherever Riven’s concerned, he is not a suitable boyfriend for any girl except Darcy. Hopefully there’s a discussion about friends or couple in season 9 or the comics concerning whether or not Musa was just being nice to Riven in front of her father when she really wants to silence Riven.) or called a bit of a not so g-rated word for rejecting Riven when she’s just setting boundaries.

Flora? Maybe they don’t want corny plots? I mean they’re so corny that even when they barely disagree (do she and Helia ever really fight?), it’s literally Snow White and Prince Florian (semi-official name) with those two, Helia even brought cornflowers as a gift. What’s next creamed corn?

Tecna?- maybe they’re burnt out on the robot needs to learn emotions plot? Surely they could think of other stories besides the gadget girl who is socially awkward? How about something where she helps someone else with another problem that isn’t tech related.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 23, 2020 11:15 am

I still don’t get why they keep Nabu taxing Nex…and even wanting a k.o.? That’s way worse, also i find it funny that now it’s supposedly npc to have killed Nabu…forgetting that his popularity was around Tecna’s popularity at the time and now it’s Flora levels.