Which Winx Has Had The Most Love Interests?

“Aisha has had the most love interests: Nabu, Roy, and Nex. Duh!”

Nope! Try again!

I bet most Winx fans think it’s her, but the title of “Winx With the Most Love Interests” belongs to. . . Musa! Here’s her list:

  • Riven (seasons 1-6 & 8)
  • Jared (season 2)
  • Jason Queen (season 4)
  • Orlando (season 7)
Musa receives flowers from her second love interest, Jared, in Winx season two

That’s three guys for Aisha and four for Musa. Also, Aisha didn’t reach her third until season six, but Musa reached hers in season four. And if you count Bloom’s ex-boyfriend Andy — some fans do, but I don’t — Musa hit her fourth love interest by that season!

Love Interests in the Winx Club Comics

Things get crazier if you include the Winx comics.

Aisha had two more love interests: Jordan, the Specialist I’ve mentioned before, and Silvan, a test pilot and childhood friend she reconnected with after Nabu‘s death. Another childhood friend? It’s the comics. The canon often goes out the window.

Case in point: Aisha never showed interest in Roy in the comics. He only appeared in one comic, “Attack of the Centaurs” (#124), and they never interacted with each other. Plus, it was a season six comic, even though he debuted in the fifth season. That’s right: Roy wasn’t even in the season five comics.

After “Attack of the Centaurs”, the guys didn’t show up again until “An Unbelievable Party” (#130). Roy wasn’t with them anymore, but Nex still was. (He also debuted in “Attack of the Centaurs”.) The next comic was “Nex’s Test” (a.k.a. “La Prova di Nex”), which confirmed on the first page Nex is Aisha’s boyfriend.

So basically, she only had four love interests in the comics: Jordan, Nabu, Silvan, and Nex.

Musa with her boyfriend Riven and love interest Brian in the Winx Club comic “Red Devils”
Musa with Riven and Brian in “Red Devils”

What about Musa? She had three more love interests:

  • A traveler named Mitril
  • A guitarist named Brian
  • A musician named Lukas, who she actually dated for a while — i.e., he appeared in more than one comic — after she broke up with Riven two seasons before she broke up with him in the show

Final score: five for Aisha (four in the comics) and seven for Musa (eight if you count Andy). No matter how you slice it, Musa wins.

Unstable Love Lives

If Musa has had the most love interests, why does the Winx fandom think Aisha is the biggest boy magnet? I think it’s because her love life has seemed more unstable than Musa’s. Rainbow introduced all of Aisha’s love interests over four seasons:

  • Nabu in season three
  • Roy in season five
  • Nex in season six

Each of them joined the main cast and spent more than one season with her. It was a lot of new guys at once, so it felt overwhelming and excessive.

“Broken Dreams” (Winx season 6, episode 11): Aisha rollerblading with two of her love interests, Nex and Roy

Plus, Nabu and Roy only appeared in two seasons each. We barely got used to them before she moved on to someone else. In season eight, Nex will be the first of her love interests to remain in the show for three seasons. (Nabu appeared as an illusion in season five, but that doesn’t count.)

But Musa dated Riven for about four seasons in a row. Plus, he was there from the very first episode of Winx Club. We knew him outside the context of their relationship and saw him develop (and struggle to maintain) friendships with the other characters. So he felt like a fixture of the series, not just a love interest.

Her other love interests were minor characters. Jared and Orlando only got one or two episodes apiece with her. Jason got the most screen time (other than Andy), but he was still a one-season character. Plus, he was an unrequited crush on Musa’s part, and we watched him get married, which killed her hopes of dating him.

So while Aisha seemed to switch to a new guy each season, Musa kept one guy (Riven) around even when she wasn’t dating him. Looks like that’ll be the case again in Winx season eight. That’s made her love life seem stable, even though their relationship has been anything but.

Did you know Musa has had more love interests than Aisha? How do you feel about it?

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January 23, 2019 2:46 pm

no i didn’t know that and i read the winx comics

Reply to  Tori
January 23, 2019 2:55 pm

yeah it is sad really