Winx Magazine #190: Aisha/Nex Season 8 Puzzle

You know I love to point out when Rainbow includes Aisha and Nex in the magazines. In this month’s issue, they made a puzzle out of this screenshot from “Into the Depths of Andros” (Winx season 8, episode 9):

Winx season 8, episode 8: Aisha and Nex think they beat Obscurum

The caption for the puzzle says:

Complete the image: write the numbers of the missing pieces in the spaces! There’s a piece that doesn’t belong: which is it? Look for it.

Here’s the actual puzzle, but it’s hard to see the pieces because of the glare:

Next month is February, so that means Rainbow may focus on the Winx couples again. I expect the comic to be about Musa and Riven, but I could be wrong. Also, it’ll be called “Un Carnevale Fatato” (A Fairy Carnevale), so it may not be a romantic story at all. We’ll see.

I just hope that one day, Aisha and Nex will get another couple comic. ❤️


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