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A month and a half. That’s about how long I spent writing, editing, watching old Winx episodes, and gathering screenshots to craft a solid counterargument for my YouTube comment response series. And the commenter’s only takeaway was, “Wow, she’s so articulate!”

I’m not kidding. They said Aisha and Nex have no meaning, and my analysis of Winx Club, especially the characters, is just overthinking things. But I sure can write well! ?

Why did I bother if this person would dismiss everything I said and judge my posts like an essay on an English test? ? I’ve been out of school for years. I don’t write for grades anymore.

Anyway, the reality is most people are driven by emotion more than logic-based arguments. We’re sentimental creatures. Anything that makes us smile, ticks us off, or tugs at our heartstrings holds our attention.

Cover for my fanfic “The Storm”

So here’s my idea: I will become the go-to girl for Aisha and Nex fanfiction and fan art. After all, what is Winx Club? Fiction and art. If it got this couple into this mess, it can get them out of it.

Don’t worry. I’ll still write analysis posts because I love speculating and digging up details we may have missed. Unlike real life, stories are planned. An artist designed each character, hence why they look and dress the way they do, and the writers scripted their actions and dialogue.

Analyzing these things is about getting into the minds of the creators and asking, “Why?” It helps us become better creators ourselves. Plus, I’ve always been a curious person. “Why” is my favorite word.

But first, the question is, “What?” What will happen next in these fanfics I haven’t finished? ? I know how they end; I just haven’t sat down to write them. Focusing on fanfiction will give me a chance. I’ll also have non-Winx AU fanfiction on my other site:

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Will N
Will N
May 8, 2021 8:31 pm

That’s welcome news. Nex certainly is under appreciated, and since Aisha’s my favorite Winx, it’s nice to see more about her.

As an aside there’s a yin-yang theme going on in Enchantix that i noticed recently, and it concerns Bloom…she didn’t will herself into it as we were lead to think. It was the lack of free will that unlocked it (4kids line “fearless and open” makes the most sense here as opposed to the original “Valtor will not win ever” for this instance). Bloom’s Enchantix was incomplete because she let the Dragon Flame control her instead of the other way around so it only gave her what she needed (even though it was dangerous) for season 3 until she was able to revitalize Domino in the movie. This is in line with Musa and Tecna’s sacrifices, but opposes the other 3’s familial love born Enchantix’ as the aforementioned duo had theirs born out of friendship…so did Bloom. Bloom understood that even free will was a gift, it’s one thing to use it, but another to give it up for a higher purpose. Too bad that she got stuck with timeouts and no shrinkerscope as a punishment for doing the hardest thing to do, which was the real loophole.

What’s the unspoken test of Enchantix? “Who do you love the most and how far are you willing to go?” Why? Because Love is the strongest superpower there is.